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Water Hauler
Debut Series Matchbox 1-120
Produced 2012-2015 (Modified by)
Number MB840/MB936
Scale 1/140


The MB840 Water Hauler is a large tank truck, based on the older Off-Highway Dirt Hauler. The scale of the truck (1:140) is approximately twice as small as most mainline vehicles, meaning that the prototype vehicle is approximately twice as large.


The Water Hauler has come out in the following scale 1/140 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes Photo
MB34 2012 Construction 10/10 Yellow/ Silver

Water droplets

SaH logo

Gray / Plastic RingedGearRivitedYellow Thailand

Base Code(s): E39

Base says 1989 copyright

MB44 2013 MBX Construction 44/120 Orange/ Blue H2O logo Orange Wheel 2014 ConstrOrange Thailand Base Code(s): MB-44 Water Hauler
MB15 2014 MBX Construction 15/120 Blue/ White Water, Nithia Ltd, etc Yellow Wheel 2014 ConstrRingedGearRivitedWhite BDV35 Thailand Water Tanker on card Base Code(s): G12 MB-15 Water Tanker
MB936 (Modified model).
N/A 2015

5 Pack: Jurassic World Construction

Metallic Gray/ Blue JURASSIC WORLD, 003 White/ Plastic Wheel 2014 Constr CJM11 Thailand Base code(s): H20 Water Tanker Jurassic World 2015
MB32 2015 Matchbox 1-120 series White/ Blue H2O COMPANY Black/ Plastic Wheel 2014 Constr Thailand Base code(s): H20 Water Hauler (2015)
MB75 2017 Matchbox 1-125 Red/ White Thailand Base code(s):

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