Waste Management, Inc.
Superfast 40th 2008 Garbage Truck

Waste Management, Inc. is a waste-management and environmental services company based in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. Their green livery has appeared on several Matchbox vehicles:

Number Model Year Series Toy # Notes / Variations Photo
#1 Refuse Truck (1979) 2006 Superfast # SF22 J6571 Superfast Refuse Truck
#2 Trash Truck (2005) 2008 Mainline # 41 K9496 MBX Metal Trash Titan
#4 Garbage Truck (2008) 2009 Superfast # SF14 P2601 Superfast 40th 2008 Garbage Truck
#5 2009 Autocar ACX Garbage Truck 2009 Real Working Rigs # RW002 Autocar ACX Garbage Truck (2009 Real Working Rigs

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