Volvo Container Truck
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 1985 - 2000
Number MB148

The Volvo Container Truck was originally released in 1985. It is a container truck by Volvo, carrying a second-generation shipping container.


The Volvo Truck has come out in the following 1/90 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB20 1985 1-75 Blue COLDFRESH Black/ Plastic Fivearch Macau Volvo Container Truck (1986)
MB20 1987 1-75 White FEDERAL EXPRESS Black/ Plastic Fivearch China Volvo Container Federal Express
N/A 1988 Promotional Green Green/Yellow and Red strope Black/ Plastic Fivearch China Japanesse Editing Volvo Container Truck 1988 Japonsko)
MB23, MB62 1991 1-75 Red BIG-TOP. CIRCUS Black/ Plastic Fivearch China Volvo Container Truck 1991
MB62 1994 1-75 Black Black with white to black sides, Cool Paint Co.  Black Fivearch China Volvo Container Truck Cool
MB23, MB62 1995 1-75 Orange MATCHBOX, Get in the fast lane! Black/ Plastic Fivearch China Volvo Container Truck 1995
MB23 1997 1-75 Black Yellow Box, with a picture of a car on obth sides, Auto Products  Silver/ Plastic Fivearch China  1997VolvoContainerTruck
MB44 1998 1-75: Animals  4/5 Red MATCHBOX, ANIMALS Black Fivearch China USA Editing MB-44 Volvo
N/A 1998 Around Town 5-Pack White The Matchbox Times, Read it today., Newspaper Black/ Plastic Fivearch China VolvoTruckAroundTown
MB1 1998

1-75: Around the World 1/5


Red Matchbox, red arrow, mover silhouette Black / Plastic Fivearch 33425 (INT) China Volvo Container Truck on (INT) card Volvo Container Truck red
N/A 1998 5 Pack: Airport Blue AIRWAYS, AIR CARGO Black/ Plastic Fivearch China Volvo Container Truck (1998 5 Pack)
MB22 1999

1-100: Speedy Delivery 2/5

Orange ALLIED Black / Plastic Fivearch China USA variation Volvo Container 1999 USA
MB22 1999

1-75: Special Delivery 2/5

Orange ALLIED, PICKFORDS Black / Plastic Fivearch China INT variation Volvo Container 1999 INT

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