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"Two" Packs
Produced 1976 - 1992

Matchbox Two Packs (stylized as "Two" Packs) originated in 1976. They featured two vehicles in a single box or blister pack. Some vehicles were the same as those then available in the 1-75 range, while others were special editions. Once the 1-75 range split into INT and USA versions, "Two" Packs sometimes featured vehicles from the other line, e.g. an INT vehicle in the USA market. Sets were numbered with a TP- prefix under all series names.

Many of the early sets featured a military theme, and appeared in military colors (generally olive drab, though black appeared as well), often with black wheel hubs. Others featured a civilian or commercial vehicle and a trailer or a locomotive and a train car. For 1979 the series was renamed the 900 series. Package printing placed the 900 name after Matchbox, leading some collectors to refer to the series as Matchbox 900. Tractor trailers now appeared, for the first time, all featuring Long Haul, but with different trailers. The Leyland Articulated Truck Cab joined Long Haul in 1981, pulling a tank trailer.

For 1983, the series was renamed Twin Packs. Numbering featured three digits for 1984.

The series was renamed again for 1992, its final year, now being called Team, or Team Matchbox, due to the way the sets were labeled. Also in that year the US market received three sets under the Trailers name.


Sets featuring two cars or trucks, or a car and a light trailer reappeared several years later as as Hitch 'n' Haul, with included small. Tractor trailers were given their own series, Convoy.

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