Shark Week
Produced 2016
2016 Matchbox Shark Week 5 Car Set


Celebrate Shark Week with this jawsome collection of MATCHBOX vehicles! Bursting at the gills with adventure and ready to Explore, these vehicles appeal to finatics everywhere!


Col # Number Model Name Model Toy Photo
#1 MB826 Res-q Waver DVG34 Res-Q Waver (Shark Week 2016)
#2 MB891 Deep Diver DVG35 Deep Diver (Shark Week 2016)
#3 MB749 Chevy Corvette ZR1 DVG36 Corvette ZR1 (Shark Week 2016)
#4 MB911 Toyota Tacoma Lifeguard DVG37 Toyota Tacoma LG (Shark Week 2016)
#5 MB864 International Scout 4x4 DVG38 Int Scout 4x4 (Shark Week 2016)


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