The Premerie Collection, Select Class is a similar line of the World Class line of cars.

Select Class 1Edit

Select Class 2Edit

T-Bird Turbo Coupe - Red
Lamborghini Diablo - Blue
Mercedes-Benz 600SEL - White
Camaro Z-28 - Dark Blue
Corvette Stingray III - Silver
Mustang Cobra - Black

Select Class 3Edit

'57 Chevy - Maroon
1957 Ford Thunderbird - Black
Jaguar XK 120 - Black
'70 Pontiac GTO - Dark Green

Select Class 4Edit

Lamborghini Diablo - Red
Dodge Viper RT 10 - Black
Camaro Z-28 - Yellow
Plymouth Prowler - Red
Corvette Stingray III - White
Mustang Cobra - Blue

Select Class 5Edit

Lamborghini Diablo - Blue
Dodge Viper RT 10 - White
Camaro Z-28 - ?
Plymouth Prowler - Yellow
Mustang Cobra - Dark Green
T-Bird Turbo Coupe - Black

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