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School Bus (2000)
Debut Series City Dudes
Produced 2000 - Present
Number MB482

The School Bus (2000) is based upon a Hummer front end with a school bus body added. You might also check the following versions: School Bus, School Bus (2004), or GMC School Bus (2006).


The School Bus (2000) has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color / Interior Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variants Photo
#16 2001 City Dudes 1/5 Yellow "BURTON HILL ELEMENTARY BUFFALOS" Black / Plastic Clear / Red Four dot 92219 China City Dudes School Bus
#69 2002 Kids’ Cars of the Year Yellow "BULLDOGS, FOOTBALL STATE CHAMPS, 2002" Black / Plastic Clear / Red Four dot 95261 China Kids Cars of the Year School Bus
2002 Saturday Night Live Yellow "EAST LAKE HIGH SCHOOL, SPARTANS, CHEERLEADING SQUAD," SNL logo on hood Clear / Green 91575
#52 2003 Hero City School Time 2/5 Yellow "HERO CITY ELEMENTARY, BEARS, 52" Gray / Plastic Clear / Red Four dot 97762 China SchoolBus2003
School Spirit 5-Pack Yellow "HISTORY" with Red & Black Four dot MBHummerschoolbushistory169
2003 FairMasters York Fair, PA Yellow None Clear / Green Chrome Real Rubber
#15 2003 FairMasters York Fair, PA Yellow "2003 YORK FAIR - BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE", Red oval on hood, Black tools Clear / Green Chrome Real Rubber HPIM1457
2003 Color Comp Inc. 016-G Yellow Black & White, "Camp SUNSHINE, CASCO, ME" Clear / Green Chrome MB482CCICampSunshine2003
Yellow "Camp Crystal Lake"
2006 Dino Eggs 3-Pack Yellow None Clear / Red Four dot
Limited Edition 20-Pack Pearl White Red & Black Clear Chrome

Color Comp

Black None Clear / Gray Four dot Promo P1040578

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