Produced 2015

Models in Series:Edit

Number # Model Number # Model Name Photo
#1 MB860 Ford Explorer Interceptor SUPREME HERO Ford Explorer
#2 MB689 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car SUPREME HERO Ford Crown Victoria Police
#3 MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine SUPREME HERO Pierce Dash
#4 MB796 Hazard Squad SUPREME HERO Hazard Squad
#5 MB801 International WorkStar Brush Fire Truck SUPREME HERO International Workstar Brush Fire Truck
#6 MB615 Chevy Suburban SUPREME HERO Chevrolet Suburban
#7 MB877 International Pumper SUPREME HERO International Pumper
#8 MB906 ´63 Mack B Fire Truck SUPREME HERO 63 Mack B Fire Truck
#9 MB771 Ford E-350 Ambulance SUPREME HERO Ford E-250 Ambulance
#10 MB885 Renault Master Ambulance SUPREME HERO Renault Master Ambulance

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