Road Tripper / MBX Prospector (2015)
Debut Series Desert Endurance
Produced 2011- Present
Number MB825

When the going gets rough, the rough go camping! This mighty 4x4 beast has tons of muscle to climb the steepest hills and get to the most remote places on the planet. Able to scramble across any surface, the Road Tripper is built to take on the toughest adventures you can imagine!


The Road Tripper has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
MB91 2011 Desert Endurance 8/11 White Black Lower section, BraveCat X-Pedition Team Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear V0287 Thailand Base Code(s): D27 Roadtripperwhite
MB91 2011 Desert Endurance 8/11 Off White SOJOURNER adventure, Orange, black and gold designs Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear T9003 Thailand Base Code(s): D27 DesertEnduranceRoadTripperoffwhite
N/A 2011 First Editions 10-Pack Gray Green Tampos, Wrench Crew, Shark Face Unpainted / Metal Smoke Green Ringed Gear Thailand Base Code(s): D30 Road Tripper 2011
MB825 2012 MBX Artic Lime USA Artic Team, 2, Arctic Support Crew, ASADA Unpainted / Metal Smoke Gray RingedGearWhite W4883 Thailand Base Code(s): E02 Road Tripper 2012
N/A 2012 Mountain Adventure 5-Pack Green Road Tripper, MBX Unpainted / Metal Orange Gray Road Tripper Tire 2012 pack Thailand Base code(s): E25 Road Tripper 2012 pack
MB86 2013 MBX 1-120: Explorers Light Blue RT MBX Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear Thailand Base code(s): ROAD TRIPPER 2013
N/A 2013 5-Pack: Jungle/ 9-10 Pack Orange MBX SLEEP & SAFARI Unpainted / Metal Smoke Green 6SpokeUtilityWhite Thailand Base code(s): E45 Matchbox 2013 Road Tripper Sleep & Safari
MB-49 2014

MBX Explorers 1-120


Unpainted/ Metal

Smoke Gray RingedGearRed Thailand Base code(s): G18 Road Tripper 2014-1-120

MBX Prospector (Modified model name).

N/A 2014 5-Pack: Outdoor Sights Gentle Green National Parks, U.S.825, Satellite Communications Black/ Metal Smoke Black 6SpokeUtilityWhite Thailand

Base code(s):  G38

Road Tripper 2014-5Pack
N/A 2015 Jurassic World Silver JURASSIC WORLD Unpainted/ Metal Smoke Black


DFT46 Thailand Base code(s): H17 MBX Prospector 2015 Jurassic World
MB108 2015 MBX Explorers 1-125 Green BACKCOUNTRY ADVENTURE, GRIZZLY, Yellow/ Metal Smoke Black 65px-Ringed Gear V0287 Thailand Base code(s): H30 MBX Prospector 2015 1-120
MB122 2016 Matchbox 1-125: MBX Explorers Dark Blue RT ROAD TRIPPER, 23, OFF ROAD, MBX, YELLOW AND ORANGE STRIPES Black/ Metal Smoke Brown Tire Desert Thunder 2013 V0287 Thailand Base Code(s): J23 MBX Prospector (Road Tripper 2016)
MB72 2017 1-125 series Off White SOJOURNER adventure, Orange, black and gold designs Unpainted / Metal Smoke Black Ringed Gear V0287 Thailand Base Code(s): K04 MBX Prospector (2017 1-125)

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