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Matchbox On a Mission 2015 Power Grabs
Debut Series Power Grabs
Produced 2015
Power Grabs Cast

Matchbox Mystery 'Power-Grabs'Special Series 11 models.

Number # Model name Notes Photo Box
#1 Turn Tamer Exclusive Color 2015 Matchbox Power Grabs Turn Tamer Power Grabs Box
#2 Mini Dozer Also in the series 1-120 Mini Dozer 2015
#3 Cliff Hanger Also in the series 1-120 Cliff Hanger 2015 PG
#4 Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car Also in the series 1-120 Power Grab -4 Lamborgini Gallardo LP-560-4 Polizia
#5 VW Saveiro Cross Also in the series 1-120 VOLKSWAGEN SAVEIRO CROSS Power Grabs -5
#6 Blaze Blitzer Exclusive Color Blaze Blitzer PG
#7 Load Lifter Also in the 5-pack Load Lifter PG 15
#8 Crime Crusher Also in the series 1-120 Crime Crusher PG
#9 Badlander Exclusive model Badlander PowerGrabs 2015
#10 Blockade Buster Also in the series 1-120 Blockade Buster 1-120 2015
#11 Sand Shredder Also in the series 1-120

Sand Shredder 2015 PG


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