Nissan 300ZX
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 1990 - 1998
Number MB219
NISSAN ZX300 (Yellow)


The Nissan 300ZX has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB61 (USA)
MB37 (ROW)


1-75 Yellow 300ZX in outline Black/ Plastic Smoke White Eight dot rims Macau Nissan 300ZX (MB219, yellow, with 300ZX in outline)
MB61 (USA)
MB37 (ROW)


1-75 Yellow 300ZX in solid black Black/ Plastic Smoke White Eight dot rims China NISSAN ZX300 (Yellow)
WS28 1991 World Class Series III Met. Dark Red lights and trim Yellow / Metal Chrome N/A Solid5spoke Macau Nissan 300 ZX WCred
1992 Lightning White Pink, Blue "TURBO" Black & Chrome N/A China 9061 Nissan 300 wht
1992 Lightning Dark Aqua Pink "300 ZX"; Red, Pink and Green shapes on hood; Black on taillights Black / Plastic Black & Chrome N/A China 1991 Lightning 300ZX Blue
MB61 MB37 1994 1-75 Dark teal blue, Yellow and pink stripes Black/ Plastic Clear Pink Gold Chrome 6-Spoke Half Moon - 01757cf Thailand NISSAN ZX300 (Green)
MB61 (USA)
MB37 (ROW)
1996 1-75 Black & grey Black/ Plastic Clear Pink Split5spoke China ZimG 1917
MB43 1998 1-75 White ZX, Yellow and orange Black/ Plastic Clear Gray Split5spoke China ROW Edit NISSAN ZX300 (White)
PC15 1998 Premiere Collection Yellow Detailed Trim Black Clear Gray and Black China Nissan 300ZX MB61-E30 yellow premiere World class