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National Parks (mint green)
Produced 2007
National parks-CST

Several Vehicles have appeared in the mint green National Parks livery, wearing the orange and black shield on the front doors Some vehicles have also appeared with a white or bright green recolor, bearing the National Parks tampos:

Model Year Series (e.g. 1-75, Real Working Rigs) Number Model # Notes / Variations Photo
Off-Road Rider 2007 5-Pack: Mountain Heroes MB699 Also 10-Pack OffRoadRiderfadedgreengray
Hummer H3 2007 5-Pacl: Mountain Heroes MB666 Red (Fire) Hummer H3 National Parks 2007
Land Rover Discovery 2008 Adventure 10-Packs MB524 Exclusive color LandRoverDiscoveryfadedmintgreen
International WorkStar BrushFire Truck (2007) 2011 1-75 MB801 MattelMB1-100International-WorkstarinNationalParkslivery
'97 Chevy Tahoe 2007 1-75 MB324 CHEVROLET TAHOE - NATIONAL PARKS (2007)
Hummer H3 2007 1-75 MB666 Matte white MB-73 Hummer H3
Ford F-550 Super Duty 2012 1-75 and Brush Fire 5-pack MB817 It appeared in mint green (the intended color) , and bright green (an error).  Ford F-550 Super Duty 2012 National park
Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2006) 2010 1-75 MB723 VW 4x4 Beetle National park
Tractor Plow 2012 Mainline # 114 MB686 Tractor Plow-2012 National park
Land Rover Defender 110 (1997) Image Not Available
Toyota 4Runner (1985) Image Not Available
Baja Bullet 2012 Mainline # 112 MB797 Baja Bullet-2012 National park
Questor 2013 1-120 MB899 Questor 2013
Chevolet Silverado 4x4 2013 2013-10-Packs MB399 Exclusive model Chevy Silverado 4x4-Exclusive
MBX Prospector 2014 5-Packs: Outdoor Sights MB825 Plastic body, (Road Tripper) Road Tripper 2014 5Pack
Chevy Tahoe 2014 5-Packs: Outdoor Sights MB324 Red (Fire) Chevy Tahoe Fire 2014
Trail Tracker 2015 1-120 MB912 Trail Tracker 2015-1-120
'76 International Scout 4x4 2015 9/10 pack MB864 Exclusive model MB864 International Scout 4x4 2015
Scraper 2016 1-125 MB946 Scraper (National Park)
Dodge RAM 1500 2016 1-125 MB1021 Dodge RAM 1500

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