My First Matchbox (3 pack)


Also called Live 'n' Learn, this series is released from 1989 to 1992. They are either in singles, LL-111, Three packs, LL-113, or Six packs, LL-116. They have preschool decos and multi-color wheels.



Model No. Model Series / Number Color Tampo Wheel Colors Variations
MB029 Muir Hill Tractor Shovel Three Pack / LL-1101 Blue ? Yellow / Orange
MB043 0-4-0 Steam Loco Three Pack / LL-1101 Yellow / Red 123 in multiple colors on sides Blue
MB064 Caterpillar D9 Tractor Three Pack / LL-1103 Red / Blue Yellow warning stripes on top Yellow Tread
MB071 Dodge Cattle Truck Three Pack / LL-1101 Red Cattle on doors Blue / Yellow Yellow or Red Tow Hook
MB134 Oshkosh Fire Engine Three Pack / LL-1102 Red ? Blue / Yellow
MB174 Carbodies Taxi FX4R Three Pack / LL-1102 Yellow abc taxi and ballons on roof Red / Yellow
MB178 Ford Cargo Skip Truck Three Pack / LL-1102 Blue / Red White Stripes Yellow / Orange
MB720 Flat Car Side Tipper Three Pack / LL-1102 Blue with Yellow tipper 4567 in multiple colors on sides Blue
MB792 Cattle Trailer Three Pack / LL-1101 Red and Yellow No Tampo Blue / Yellow


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