Mission Helicopter
Debut Series Matchbox 1-75
Produced 1985-2014-(Modified model).
Number MB153/MB880
Scale 1:80
Mission Chopper flat tan

Mission Chopper folded 20120720 JSCC

the Mission Helicopter, folded up for storage.

Similar to the Rescue Chopper, the Mission Helicopter's rotor blades fold and its tail retracts for packaging or storage in a carry case.


The Mission Helicopter has come out in the following 1/80 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB46 MB57 1985 1986 Matchbox 1-75 Blue Orange and white design Silver/ Plastic Blue Macau Mission Helicopter (1986-1987)
MB46 MB57 1987

1988 1989 1990 1991

1-75 Red SHERIFF,   AIR 1 White/ Blue Blue Macau Mission Helicopter (1988-1991)
MB46 MB57 1992 1-75 White POLICE Blue/ Plastic Blue Thailand Mission Helicopter (1992)
MB49 1998 1-75 Flat Tan AT-7521, Star on front Black / Plastic Smoke 33538 (INT) China Mission Chopper on (INT) Mission Chopper flat tan
N/A 1998 Five-Pack Blue White, Police White / Plastic Blue China Mission Chopper 5-pack 20120720 JSCC
MB66 2000 Air Travel Purple Hanger 12, WT-135 Teal / Plastic Smoke 96359 China Mission Chopper on card Air Travel Mission Chopper purple and teal
MB55 2001 Police 5/5 Black Police, R1, Red Matchbox Logo, skull Dark Blue / Plastic Smoke 92265 China 50th Mission Helicopter
N/A 2001 5-Pack: Airspeed Dark Green Teeth Design Gray / Plastic Blue China Mission Helicopter Airspeed
MB44 2006 MBX Metal Matte Gray Police Black / Plastic Red J5594 Thailand MB-44 Mission Helicopter
N/A 2009 Dino Adventure 5-Pack Orange / Black White and Black with Dino Search logo on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Thailand MBX Misson Helicopter (4)
MB101 2012 1-120 Matte Green "Anaconda" Black / Plastic Orange Thailand In the package says "Mission Copter"   Base code(s): D50 Mission Copter 2012 anwar
MB93 2013 MBX 1-120: Heroic Rescue Red Fire, 08 White / Plastic Smoke Thailand Base code(s): Mission Helicopter 2013
MB880 (Modified model).
N/A 2014 5 Pack: Battle Mission Blue MB880 Black / Plastic Smoke Thailand Base code(s): G33 Mission Helicopter 2014
N/A 2015 5 Pack: Battle Mission White 880, mbx, Silver Star, Black/ Plastic Smoke Thailand Base code(s): G47 Mission Helicopter 2015 5Pack
N/A 2016 5 Pack: Military Blue White star,E-TEAM, MBX Smoke Thailand Base code(s): J20 Mission Helicopter (2016 5 Pack)
N/A 2017 5 Pack: Police Gray Blue and gold stripe, POLICE, D-SLTM Blue/ Plastic Blue tint Thailand Base code(s): K29 Mission Helicopter (2017 Police 5 Pack)


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