´14 Mercedes-Benz G 550
Debut Series Jurassic World
Produced 2018
Number MB1109
Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2018 MB1109 JW)


The Mercedes-Benz G 550 has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel/ Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
3/18 2018 Jurassic World or 5 Pack: Jurassic World: Island Transport Team Silver Blue stripe, 05 Black/ Plastic Blue tint Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) FMX11 Thailand Base codes: K46, L01, L10 Mercedes-Benz G550 (2018 Matchbox Jurassic World)
N/A 2018 5 Pack: Land Rescue Convoy Black White stripe, 05 Black/ Plastic Clear Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) Thailand Base code(s): L21 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2018 JW 5 Pack)
N/A 2018 Jurassic World: Battle Damage or 5 Pack: Island Transport Team Battle Damage Silver Blue stripe, 05, Scratches, mud Black/ Plastic Smoke Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) Thailand Base codes: L25 Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2018 JW Battle Damage)

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