Mega Blasters 2b

Mega Blasters logo

Mega Blasters were copyrighted in 1983 and of the ten different models released, none were issued in any other variations as to color or design. Each vehicle came with caps that could be inserted and would be made to explode by a tiny lever on the bottom of the vehicle. Each vehicle was made in Macao and came with 30 caps. They are all unlicensed designs, but it's quite easy to tell which real model each one is supposed to represent.

Vehicles in series: Edit

Model Name Model Represented Color Photo
Thunderbolt 1975 Chevrolet Malibu Metalflake Silver with Blue and Yellow thunderbolts Mega Blasters Thunderbolt - 07491df
Fireball Mazda RX-7 Gold with Black tampos Image Not Available
Atom Ford Mustang Red with White tampos
Mega Blaster Atom

Mega Blaster Atom

Starfire Chevrolet Corvette White with Red And Blue starts and stripes Image Not Available
Nitro Pontiac Firebird (KITT Car was popular just then) Black Image Not Available
Bomb Datsun 280Z Silver Image Not Available
Trail Traker Ford Bronco II Image Not Available
Sheriff Patrol Chevrolet Blazer Black and White Image Not Available
Ridge Runner Ford Short-bed Camper Truck Image Not Available
Trail Tramp Ford Short-bed Truck Image Not Available

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