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Matchbox Limited Editions and One OffsEdit

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2012

The following models are amongst the rarest of the rare in diecast today as all are Code 1 (Mattel made and issued) models on Earth!

This is a list of every Matchbox limited edition and One Offs produced since 2003.

The list of One Offs Edit

1. Matchbox 2003 Seagrave Meanstick Firetruck made for The Ronald McDonald House Charities. (Pic courtesy of The Raving Toy Maniac)

Mbx rmcd seagrave

Matchbox 2003 Seagrave Meanstick Firetruck One Off produced for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

2. Matchbox 2006 "Officer" Dudding Commemorative Ford Crown Victoria Police Car made for collector Darrin Dudding (Pic courtesy of Barbra "BJ Grammy" Shannon and Mark Curtis) .


Matchbox 2006 "Officer" Dudding Commemorative Ford Crown Victoria Police Car made for collector Darrin Dudding, I!

The List of Limited EditionsEdit

The Matchbox Ambassador To Collector's Series of models (Pics courtesy of the respective Ambassadors):Edit

1. John Yanouzas 2005 - 2006

2. Jim Gallegos 2006 - 2007

3. David Tilley 2007 - 2008

D Tilley Amb

MB Ambassador To Collector's Routemaster Bus No. 3 David Tilley!

4. Terry Ozima 2008 - 2009

5. John Nijhuis 2009 - 2010

6.Charles "Chuck" Wiersma 2010 - 2011


MB Ambassador To Collector's Routemaster Bus No. 6 Chuck Wiersma

Matchbox Line Preview Models. Only 30 exist of each! (Pics courtesy of Jim Gallegos).Edit

1. 2006 Tractor Plow


2. 2008 Desert Thunder V16


3. 2010 Hazard Squad


Auto Show ExclusivesEdit

1. 2008 The British International Motorshow exclusive 2008/2010 Lotus Evora. Only 500 exist in the hard plastic case.


Mattel Dream Halloween Series

1. 2007 - London Taxi

2. 2008 - Routemaster Bus

3. 2009 - Ice Cream Van

4. 2010 - GMC School Bus

5. 2011 - Aqua King

Mattel Employees Assoc Dinner Series

No Models listed yet.

Toy Fair and Pre Toy Fair models (Less then 300 exist of each)Edit

2007 55th Anniversary Emerald Green Trio Plinth on wooden plinth. (Only 2 of these sets are known to exist, pic courtesy of Jim Gallegos)


2011-Present Limited Editions (Toy Fairs, etc.)Edit

2011 - 

1. Jeep Wrangler Superlift for the 2012 Toy Fair

2. Ford F-350 Superlift Fire Truck for the 2012 SEMA Exclusive.

2012 -

1. Routemaster bus in Gold Chrome for the 2013 Toy Fair.

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