Produced 1980-1996
Kenworth NASA (Cast)

A number of Matchbox models have been issued in NASA liveries:


Year Model Name Series Photo
1980 NASA Space Shutle Sky Busters NASA Space Shutle
1982 Kenworth Aerodyne Rocket Transporter Convoy CY-2 Kenworth NASA (Rocket I)
1987 Kenworth Aerodyne Rocket Transporter Convoy Action Pack: CY-204 Kenworth NASA (Rocket II)
1987 Peterbilt Convoy CY-15 Peterbilt NASA (Control Centrel)
1982 NASA Tracking Vehicle 1-75 MB-54 Command Vehicle (NASA) England
1987 Command Vehicle Convoy Action Pack: CY-204 / Three Pack: TP-108 Comand Vehicle (NASA)
1987 Helicopter Convoy Action Pack: CY-204 Helicopter (NASA)
1989 Dodge Caravan Three Pack: NASA TP-108 Dodge Caravan (NASA)
1989 Transporter Vehicle Three Pack: NASA TP-108 Transporter Vehicle NASA-Plane
1989 Transporter Vehicle 1-75


Transporter Vehicle NASA-Rocket