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MAN# NumbersEdit

The modern use of listing Matchbox Vehicles is using the code MB### (MAN# Numbers). Dodge Challenger is the first vehicles to use this, and as of now (2012,) we are in the 800s. Real Working Rigs, large 1:50ish scale cars with moving parts use RW###, and Skybusters, which are 1:50ish airplanes and helicopters, follows SB###. All cars before the Dodge Challenger follows LE###, which stands for Lesney. See for a complete list of all cars that follow MB### (Dodge Challenger - Present.) This coding is special to Matchbox use.

Series CodesEdit

Cars that are in its special series for a year uses the code MB## in the regular line, or SF## for the Superfast. Cars from Multi-Packs do not use this. For example, MB21 in the 2010 1-100 series is the Lotus Europa, in Yellow, and an example for Superfast (SF##,) SF03 in the 2009 Superfast Line is the Quarry King in Black / Green. A model you see with Col# N/A means it is in a set, which do not come with Col Numbers. This coding is special to Matchbox use.

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