MBX Wings & Water Edit

Are you ready to fly now? Great, now taking the adventure to the sky with airplanes or helicopters too. Planes and other flying vehicles are using them to going up when you're in Wings & Water. Use the planes to riding the ultimate in the flying flight!

MB101 International Pumper

MB102 Hyper Plane new castings (x2)

MB103 DAF XF 95 Space Cab

MB104 Airport Fire Pumper

MB105 City Bus

MB106 GMC Wrecker

MB107 Toyota Prius Taxi (2009) new castings (an altered casting based on '09 Toyota Prius) (x2)

MB108 Ford Mustang GT Concept

MB109 2006 GMC School Bus

MB110 Old Fashioned Ice Cream Truck

For more list of Matchbox world segments go to MBX Arctic (111-120) and MBX Super Motors (121-130).