MBX DesertEdit

Wide-open adventure awaits you in the sprawling Desert! The sands shift under the wheels of wicked off-road machines and massive trucks. A coyote howls in the night as sports cars race down a deserted highway so far they blow tumble weeds into the next county!

MB71 Desert Thunder V16

MB72 Sand Shredder (x2)


MB74 Nissan Titan Trophy Truck new castings (x2)

MB75 1978 Dodge Monaco Police Car

MB76 Power Lift

MB77 Hummer H2 SUV Concept

MB78 Winch Challenger new castings (x2)

MB79 Oshkosh Military

MB80 Dodge RAM SRT10

To see more list of Matchbox world segments go to MBX Highway (81-90), MBX Island (91-100), MBX Wings & Water (101-110) and MBX Arctic (111-120).

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