MBX Construction Edit

The Construction site is full of amazing things to see and hear! Giant graders and other massive haulers grind their gears as they move and pack the earth. Trucks and other heavy duty vehicles kick up dust non-stop and the crew knows its latest project will soon be completed!

MB61 Ground Breaker

MB62 3-Axle Dump Truck

MB63 Scraper (x2)

MB64 MBX Site Dumper new castings (x2)

MB65 2008 Chevy Corvette ZR1

MB66 Express Delivery (x2)

MB67 Dodge Magnum

MB68 Mitsubishi L200/TRITON (x2)

MB69 Dirt Hauler

MB70 Tractor

To see more list of Matchbox vehicles go to MBX Desert (71-80), MBX Highway (81-90) and MBX Island (91-100).

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