MBX BeachEdit

The Beach is where it's at for excitement! The sand stretches out forever as sports cars cruise up and down Ocean Avenue looking for their next fun-in-the-sun adventure. Utility vehicles groom the shoreline while off-roaders catch major air flying off the dunes!

MB51 Jeep Rescue Concept

MB52 2006 Dune Buggy

MB53 2009 Yamaha Rhino

MB54 Quick Sander

MB55 Jeep Grand Cherokee With Raft Boat

MB56 2008 Holden VE SSV Ute (x2)

MB57 Dune Dog (x2)

MB58 Ridge Raider

MB59 1997 Chevy Tahoe

MB60 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4

For more list of Matchbox world segments go to MBX Construction (61-70) and MBX Desert (71-80).

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