MBX ArcticEdit

It'll be a cold day when the Arctic isn't an exciting place to be! Nothing stops these tough hard-working vehicles as they shake off the frigid temperatures and go about their daily routline. Icebergs float by as ATVs and high-tech 4x4's carve through the ice and show!

MB111 Cliff Hanger

MB112 2011 Jeep Compass new castings (x2)

MB113 Highway Maintenance Truck With Plow

MB114 Road Tripper (x2)

MB115 Ford Expedition Police

MB116 Jeep Willys Concept

MB117 Fisker Karma EVer

MB118 Subaru Impreza Police

MB119 Snow Buggy new castings (x2)

MB120 Frost Fighter (x2)

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