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Several castings have been released under the name London Bus. Additionally, castings of the iconic London bus, the Routemaster, have been released.

Col # Year Introduced Series Prototype Notes Photo
5-A 1954 1-75 AEC 1954 5A LONDON BUS
5-B 1957 1-75 AEC Regent London bus 5c 1957
5-C 1961 1-75 AEC Routemaster London bus 5c 1957
5-D 1965 1-75 Routmaster-Bus 6505 Routemaster Bus
MB74 1966 1-75 Daimler Bus Daimler Bus (MB74)
MB17 1972 1-75 The Londoner 7217 The Londoner L
K-15 1973 Super Kings The Londoner (K-15) The Londoner (1973 1976)
MB017 1981 1-75 possibly Leyland Titan (B15) 50th London Bus
MB56 2006 1-75 Double-Decker MB RMB 2013 60th Anniversary Chase front
MB1 2013 1-120 Two Story Bus Two Story Bus-2014

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