1-100 Series Edit

There are five different world segments in the 2019 Matchbox 1-100 Series : MBX Service, MBX Construction, MBX Rescue, MBX Off Road and MBX Road Trip.

Model # Man # Card # Model Name  World Segment Segment # Photo
MB7 MB1173 FYP28 ´69 BMW 2002 (NEW) MBX Road Trip 11/20 BMW 2002 (2019 NEW)
MB14 MB1082 FYP95 ´89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer MBX Road Trip 7/20 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (2019 Black)
MB19 MB1130 FYP97 ´47 Chevy AD 3100 MBX Road Trip 16/20 Chevy AD 3100 (2019 1-100)
MB21 MB1174 FYP29 ´35 Ford Pick-Up (NEW) MBX Construction 5/20
MB24 MB1177 FYP32 ´16 Ram Flatbed (NEW) MBX Construction 1/20 Ram Flatbed (2019 NEW)
MB31 MB1073 FHG74 Man TGS Dump Truck MBX Construction 2/20
MB35 MB1010 FYR07 Dirtstroyer MBX Construction 20/20 Dirtstroyer (2019 1-100)
MB37 MB728 FYR08 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 MBX Construction 3/20
MB41 MB1178 FYP33 International Terrastar (NEW) MBX Rescue 9/20 International Terrastar (2019 NEW)
MB49 MB933 FYR15 Dodge Charger Pursuit MBX Rescue 20/20 Dodge Charger Pursuit (2019 CND Police)
MB51 MB574 FYR17 Jeep Cherokee Police MBX Rescue 12/20 Jeep Cherokee Fire (2019 MB574)
MB53 MB129 FYR19 '89 Chevy Blazer 4x4 MBX Rescue 11/20
MB55 MB843 FYR76 Seagrave Fire Engine MBX Rescue 14/20
MB65 MB1185 FYP40

´85 Porsche 911 Rally (NEW)

MBX Off Road 19/20 Porsche 911 Rally (2019 NEW Model)
MB69 MB795 FYR24 Cliff Hanger MBX Off Road 14/20 Cliff Hanger (2019 MB795)
MB71 MB731 FYR79 Baja Bandit MBX Off Road 15/20 Baja Bandit (2019)
MB84 MB1190 FYP45 Nissan NV Van (NEW) MBX Service 7/20
MB86 MB741 FYR31 Volkswagen Caddy Delivery MBX Service 20/20 Volkswagen Caddy Delivery (2019)
MB93 MB695 FYR84 Petrol Tanker MBX Service 2/20 Petrol Tanker (2019 Milk)
MB94 MB968 Bay Brigade MBX Service 12/20 Bay Brigade (2019 1-100)
MB95 MB1074 FYR38 MBX Flatbed King MBX Service 3/20 MBX Flatbed King (2019)
MB100 MB978 FYR88 Meter Made MBX Service 4/20 Meter Made (2019 White)

Other SeriesEdit

2019 Matchbox Prototypes

Matchbox will have Twenty-five new castings, 4 generic/originals, 21 licensed.


Port A Potty Truck, MBX Backhoe, MBX Armored Car, and Mini City Sweeper.

Licensed Edit

Suburu SVX, Ram Utility Flatbed, Mustang Convertible, Jeep Wrangler JL, Nissan Titan Pickup, Suburu Sambar, Polaris Slingshot, Dodge Cornet Police, International Ambulance, Nissan Delivery Van, Classic Landrover Series Safari, 80s Mercedes Wagon, Mini Countryman, Dodge D100 Pickup 4x4, classic BMW 2002, Ford Pickup Hot Rod, New Dodge Charger, 70's Chevy Caprice Classic, Ford Animal Control Truck, and 80s Porsche 911 Safari.

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