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Range 1-125 SeriesEdit

There are four different world segments in the 2017 Matchbox 1-125-range : Adventure City, Construction, Heroic Rescue and Explorers.

Model # Man # Card Model Name Series Photo
MB1 MB1035 TPN18 '59 Chevy Wagon (NEW) MBX Adventure City Chevy Wagon 1959 (2017 1-125)
MB3 MB ´16 Fiat 500X (NEW) MBX Adventure City Dark Green
MB8 MB1002 TPN3 Heavy Railer MBX Adventure City Heavy Railer (2017)
MB9 MB1032 Ford Transit News Van MBX Adventure City Blue
MB13 MB1005 Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machine MBX Adventure City Purple
MB15 MB774 TPN22 Toyota Prius Taxi MBX Adventure City Yellow
MB17 MB733 TPN21 '55 Ford F-100 Delivery Truck MBX Adventure City Ford F-100 Panel Van (2017)
MB23 MB995 TPN19 Ford GT-40 MBX Adventure City Ford GT40 (2017)
MB28 MB763 TPN7 MBX Moving Van MBX Adventure Cita Orange
MB29 MB766 TPN14 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren MBX Adventure City Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2016)
MB32 MB698 TPN8 Petrol Pumper MBX Construction Blue/Silver
MB33 MB946 Scraper MBX Construction White/Red
MB35 MB946 TPN2 Ground Breaker MBX Construction Ground Breaker (2017)
MB38 MB690 TPN24 Cement King MBX Construction Cement Mixer (2017 INC)
MB40 MB834 TPN16 Crop Master MBX Construction Crop Master (2017)
MB42 MB854 Master Sower MBX Constuction Grey/Orange/Green
MB46 MB988 TPN16 Power Lift MBX Construction Light Gray/Red
MB50 MB1008 TPN17 Tilt´n´Tip MBX Construction Tilt´n´Tip (2017)
MB57 MB1046 TPN5 ´51 Hudson Hornet Police (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Hudson Hornet Police Car (2017)
MB58 MB Tinforcer (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue Blue/Silver
MB63 MB1007 TPN12 Sea Hunter MBX Heroic Rescue Sea Hunter (2017)
MB64 MB1014 TPN12 ´15 Corvette Stingray MBX Heroic Rescue Silver
MB69 MB824 TPN4 S.W.A.T. Truck MBX Heroic Rescue S.W.A.T. Truck (2017)
MB74 MB564 TPN20 Fire Stalker MBX Heroic Rescue Fire Stalker (2017)
MB75 MB840 TPN19 Water Worker MBX Heroic Rescue Red/White
MB77 MB944 TPN21 Ford E-350 Ambulance MBX Heroic Rescue Ford E-350 Ambulance (2017)
MB80 MB985 ´57 GMC Stepside MBX Heroic Rescue Brown
MB84 MB838 Land Rover Defender 110 MBX Heroic Rescue Black
MB85 MB1003 Freightliner Fire Engine MBX Heroic Rescue Yellow/Black
MB86 MB1051 TPN22

´16 Toyota Tacoma (NEW)

MBX Explorers Toyota Tacoma (2017 1-125)
MB88 MB GHE-O Predator (NEW) MBX Explorers Black/Blue
MB90 MB1055 TPN18 Sub Seeker (NEW) MBX Explorers Sub Seeker (2017-1-125)
MB97 MB1031 TPN16 Swamp Commander MBX Explorers Swamp Commander (2017)
MB100 MB986 Range Rover Evoque MBX Explorers Black
MB101 MB1004 TPN6 Road Mauler MBX Explorers Road Mauler (2017)
MB104 MB731 Baja Bandit MBX Explorers Orange
MB105 MB748 TPN17 MBX 4x4 MBX Explorers MBX 4x4 (2017)
MB109 MB699 TPN24 Off-Road Raider MBX Explorers Off-Road Rider (2017)
MB112 MB818 TPN8 Dune Dog MBX Explorers Dune Dog (2017)
MB114 MB863 Vantom MBX Explorers Gray
MB117 MB765 TPN9 '64 Austin Mini Cooper MBX Explorers Austin Mini Cooper (2017 MB-117 )
MB120 MB990 TPN23 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) MBX Explorers Toyota Land Cruiser (2017)
MB123 MB899 TPN2 Questor MBX Explorers Yellow

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