#1 Construction/FarmEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB789 Skidster Image Not Available 5 Pack (2017)
MB1010 Dirtstroyer Image Not Available
MB931 Dump Truck Image Not Available
MB914 Ground Grabber Image Not Available
MB829 Farm Trailer Farm Trailer (2017 5 Pack)

#2  Jungle MissionEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB965 Attack Track Image Not Available Mission Jungle (2017 5 Pack)
MB986 International CXT Image Not Available
MB129 4X4 Chevy Blazer Image Not Available
MB909 Rapids Rescue Image Not Available
MB961 Mauler Hauler Image Not Available

#3 Hazardous Materials Team Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB746 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery Hazardous Materials Team Chevrolet Sedan Delivery (2017 Five Pack) Fire Mystery (2017 5 Pack)
MB732 Badlander Hazardous Materials Team Badlander (2017 5 Pack)
MB912 Trail Tracker Hazardous Materials Team Trail Tracker (2017 5 set)
MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Hazardous Materials Team Pierce Dash Fire Engine (20127 5 Pack)
MB996 Hazard Squad Hazardous Materials Team Hazard Squad (2017 5 Set)

#4 DesertEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Model Photo
MB910 Sahara Sweeper Image Not Available Desert 2017 5 Pack
MB963 Spark Arrester Image Not Available
MB976 GHE-O Rescue Image Not Available
MB369 ´98 Jeep Wrangler Image Not Available
MB923 Travel Tracker Image Not Available

#5 Police Squad Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo

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