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This page contains the 2011 1-100 USA lineup. For links to other 2011 releases, see below.

When the second color for the 2011 final recolor is Pit King will be released? We guess that we having a second color for the recolor is Pit King for the 2011 final recolor will be released maybe come out turn up in one of the 2012 last batches of the year.

1-100 Series Edit

Model # Card # Model Name Series Series # Photo
MB01 T1549


Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Cars 1/13 SportsCars12FiskerKarmaEVerblack



'08 Holden VE UTE SSV Sports Cars 2/13 SportsCars08HoldenVEUTESSVred
MB03 T8912


Caterham R500 Superlight Sports Cars 3/13 SportsCarsCaterhamR500Superlightyellow
MB04 T8913 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Sports Cars 4/13 Challenger



Aston Martin DBS Volante (NEW) Sports Cars 5/13 SportsCarsAstonMartinDBSVolantered
MB06 T8914 Corvette ZR1 Sports Cars 6/13 Corvette
MB07 T8915 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Sports Cars 7/13 07mustang500
MB08 T8916 Lotus Evora Sports Cars 8/13 Lotus
MB09 V0273 Infiniti G37 Coupe (NEW) Sports Cars 9/13 Infiniti
MB10 T8917 Lotus Exige Sports Cars 10/13 SportsCarsLotusExigedarkblue
MB11 T8918 Morgan Aeromax Sports Cars 11/13 Morgan2011
MB12 T8919 Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Cars 12/13 Porshe
MB13 T8920 Audi R8 Sports Cars 13/13 MBX 2011 13 Audi R8 red tilt
MB14 T8984


Lamborghini Miura P400 S (1968) (NEW) Heritage Classics 1/12 IMG 6864
MB15 T8985


1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula (NEW) Heritage Classics 2/12 HeritageClassicsPontiacFirebirdForumlametalliccopper
MB16 T8901 VW-Porsche 914-6 Heritage Classics 3/12 Porsche
MB17 T8902 '67 Volvo P1800S Heritage Classics 4/12 HeritageClassicsVolvoP1800Syelloworange
MB18 T8903 '71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Heritage Classics 5/12 710ldsmobile
MB19 T8904 '64 Austin Mini Cooper Heritage Classics 6/12 2011-64AustinMiniCooper
MB20 T8905 '54 Jaguar XK 120SE Heritage Classics 7/12 Heritage Classics 54 Jaguar XK 120SE green
MB21 T8906 Lotus Europa Special Heritage Classics 8/12 185px-Lotus Europa MB
MB22 T8907 Karmann Ghia Convertible Heritage Classics 9/12 2011KarmannGhiaConvertible
MB23 T8908 '68 Citroen DS Heritage Classics 10/12 2011-68CitroenDS
MB24 T8909 Cadillac Sedan Deville Heritage Classics 11/12 00100100
MB25 V0270 ’68 Ford Mustang GT CS (NEW) Heritage Classics 12/12 100 1511
MB26 T8922 '08 Toyota Prius Metro Rides 1/6 MBX Prius
MB27 T8923 Mazda 2 Metro Rides 2/6 Mazda-21



Mini Cooper S Convertible (NEW) Metro Rides 3/6


MB29 T8924 '08 Honda Civic Type R Metro Rides 4/6 2011 Metro Rides 08 Honda Civic Type R orange
MB30 T8986


Nissan Cube (NEW) Metro Rides 5/6 Matchbox Nissan Cube 2010 - 01324df
MB31 T8921 Honda Insight Metro Rides 6/6 Metro Rides Honda Insight blue
MB32 V0278 Cadillac CTS Coupe (NEW) VIP 1/6 2011-04-21 10-03-15 22
MB33 T8989


Porsche Panamera (NEW) VIP 2/6 VIPPorschePanameradarkgreen
MB34 W2825 Lincoln Navigator VIP 3/6 VIPLincolnNavigatorlightblue
MB35 T8927 Range Rover Sport VIP 4/6 MBX 2011 35 Range rover sport tilt
MB36 T8928 Bentley Continental GT Sports Cars #14 Bentley500



Cadillac CTS Wagon VIP 6/6 VIPCadillacCTSWagonsilver
MB38 T8950 '57 GMC Pick-Up Construction 1/11 Matchbox-9
MB39 T8951 Skidster Construction 2/11 2011 Construction Skidster yellow
MB40 T8952


Scraper Construction 3/11 ConstructionScraperwhiteandred
MB41 T8953 Quarry King Construction 4/11 ConstructionQuarryKingolivegreen
MB42 T8954 Ground Breaker Construction 5/11 Matchbox
MB43 T8949 Road Roller Construction 6/11 RoadRoller2009whiteandblue
MB44 T8955 Power Lift Construction 7/11 Construction Power Lift green
MB45 V0284, V0291 (2011 final recolor version 2 of the 2011 Pit Kingin "2011 Collection" on 2012 style card) Pit King (NEW) Construction 8/11 Pit King
MB46 T8956 MBX Mixer Construction 9/11 2011MBXMixer
MB47 T8957 International CXT Construction 10/11 Internationalcxt2011
MB48 T8958 MBX Tanker Construction 11/11 Matchbox-15



Ford Police Interceptor (NEW) Emergency Response 1/11 FordInterceptorpic1
MB50 T8994


Ford F-550 Super Duty Fire Truck (NEW) Emergency Response 2/11 FordF550SuperDutyred
MB51 T8942 Hazard Squad Emergency Response 3/11 EmergencyResponseHazardSquadwhite
MB52 T8943 International WorkStar Brush Fire Truck Emergency Response 4/11 MattelMB1-100International-WorkstarinNationalParkslivery
MB53 T8944 Dodge Monaco Police Emergency Response 5/11 '78 Dodge Monaco Police - 07171df
MB54 T8945 Ford E-350 Ambulance Emergency Response 6/11 Ford E-350 Ambulance
MB55 T8946 '63 Cadillac Ambulance Emergency Response 7/11 EmergencyResponse64CadillacAmbulancedeepred
MB56 T8947 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Emergency Response 8/11 Matchbox Pierce Dash Fire Engine 2011 Gift Pack - 01323df
MB57 T8955


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (NEW) Emergency Response 9/11 MB57 Mitsubishi Lancer X Politia Blue
MB58 T8948 Dodge Charger Police Emergency Response 10/11 IMG 1762
MB59 T8996


S.W.A.T. Truck Emergency Response 11/11 Swat
MB60 T8932 Express Delivery City Action 1/14 Matchbox Express Delivery 2011 - 01333df
MB61 T8933 MBX Mover City Action 2/14 City Action MBX Mover orange
MB62 T8934 GMC School Bus City Action 3/14 CityActionGMCBuslightblue



Ice Cream Van City Action 4/14 Ice cream truck
MB64 T8936 MBX Street Cleaner City Action 5/14 Mbx street cleaner
MB65 T8931 Ford Transit Connect Taxi City Action 6/14 CityActionFordTransitConnectTaxiorangeyellow
MB66 T8937 Garbage Truck City Action 7/14 McCarthy Industries
MB67 T8939 City Bus City Action 8/14 CityActionCityBusorange



Ford Crown Victoria Taxi City Action 9/14
MB69 T8938 '56 Ford F-100 Panel Van City Action 10/14 56ford
MB70 T8930 Chevy Van City Action 11/14
MB71 V0279


Aqua King (NEW) City Action 12/14 Aqua King - 07532df
MB72 T8929 Austin Mini Van City Action 13/14 Austin
MB73 T8941 GMC Wrecker City Action 14/14 Gmc



Toyota 4 Runner (1985)

Outdoor Sportsman 1/10 Unknown-11
MB75 T8975


Yamaha Rhino Outdoor Sportsman 2/10 OutdoorSportsmanYamahaRhinored
MB76 T8976 1975 Chevy Stepside Pickup Outdoor Sportsman 3/10 75chevy
MB77 T8977 Mitsubishi L200/TRITON - 2008 Outdoor Sportsman 4/10 OutdoorSportsmanMitsubishiL200Tritonbrown
MB78 T8978 MBX Motor Home Outdoor Sportsman 5/10 2011 Outdoor Sportsman MBX Motor Home burgundy
MB79 T8979 Volkswagen (T2) Bus - 1970 Outdoor Sportsman 6/10 BHtrainer



VW Saveiro Cross (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 7/10 Vw
MB81 T9001


Coyote 500 (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 8/10 Coyote 500
MB82 V0288 ATV 6x6 (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 9/10 OutdoorSportsmanATV6x6purple
MB83 T8980 Hummer H3 Outdoor Sportsman 10/10 Images-25
MB84 T8959


Baja Bullet Desert Endurance 1/11 Baja-Bullit-Caddyedited1
MB85 T8960 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Desert Endurance 2/11 2011MB085 T9860-0910
MB86 T8961 Cliff Hanger Desert Endurance 3/11 Cliff
MB87 T8962 Quick Sander Desert Endurance 4/11 IMG 6869
MB88 T8963 Rock Shocker Desert Endurance 5/11 Rock
MB89 T8964 Sahara Survivor Desert Endurance 6/11 Sahara
MB90 T8965 Ford Bronco 4x4 - 1972 Desert Endurance 7/11 FordBronco4x4mediumgreen
MB91 T9003


Road Tripper (NEW) Desert Endurance 8/11 Roadtripperwhite
MB92 T9005


Dune Dog (NEW) Desert Endurance 9/11 Dune Dog
MB93 T8966 Desert Thunder V16 Desert Endurance 10/11 2011 Desert Endurance Desert Thunder V16 gun metal
MB94 T8967 Ridge Raider Desert Endurance 11/11 Ridge raider
MB95 T8969 '68 Toyota Land Cruiser Jungle Explorers 1/6 Toyota
MB96 T8968 Jeep Willys Jungle Explorers 2/6 Jeep
MB97 T8970 Jungle Crawler Jungle Explorers 3/6 Matchbox-8
MB98 T8971 Volkswagen Type 181 (1974) Jungle Explorers 4/6 Safari
MB99 T8972 MBX 4x4 Jungle Explorers 5/6 MBX 4X4
MB100 T8973


Land Rover Defender 110 Jungle Explorers 6/6 Lan Rover

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