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Mattel will be cutting back three models. The models will be '65 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C , '69 Camaro Z28 , and Chevrolet Corvette T-Roof .

Name Toy Number Photo
’71 VW-Porsche 914-6 V0956 2011 Lesney 71 VW Porsche 914-6 red
’63 Cadillac Hearse V0958 2011 Lesney 63 Cadillac Hearse blue
Jeep Willys V0959 2011 Lesney Jeep Willys gray
’89 Chevy Blazer V0960 BlazerMT
’57 GMC Stepside V0961 GMCCHEVYCADDY
'08 Ford E-350 Ambulance Ctw100s
Dennis Sabre 0000000000000000000001
'55 Cadillac Fleetwood 55CadillacFleetwoodLesneymintgreen
1971 Chevelle SS Convertible V0964 1971ChevyChevelleLesneymetallicorange
1970 Plymouth Cuda
'70 Boss Mustang V0970 70FordMustangBoss302Lesneyyelloworange
BMW X5 V0971 BMWX5Lesneyblack
International Brush Workstar Fire Truck V0969 InternationalWorkstarBrushFireTruckLesneyblueandyellow
1956 Cadillac Eldorado
'65 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C This model will be cut back. It will not be released.
'67 Volvo P1800S 2011LesneyVolvoP1800S
'69 Camaro Z28 This model will be cut back. It will not be released.
'65 Austin Mini Van V0968 Mbx-police lesney edition 2011
Chevrolet Corvette T-Roof This model will be cut back. It will not be released.

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