#1 Service CenterEdit

Model # Model Name Photo
MB328 '70 Chevy El Camino Chevy El Camino (2011)
MB661 2005 Tow Truck
MB769 Mitsubishi L200/Triton (2008) IMG 2828
MB749 Ford Panel Van Ford Panel Van (2011 5 pack)
MB741 2006 Volkswagen Caddy Caddy

#2 Dino AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Photo
MB732 Badlander Badlanderflathuntergreen
MB716 Ridge Raider RidgeRaidermetalliccopper
MB526 Hummer H2 SUV Concept Image Not Available
MB783 Jungle Crawler JungleCrawlermattedarkblue
MB699 Off-Road Rider Off-Road Rider DinoAdventure.

#3 Farm RigsEdit

Model # Model Name Photo
MB703 Tractor Tractoryelloworange
MB786 1957 GMC Stepside Matchbox 1957 GMC Stepside - 01320df
MB436 Chevy Suburban
MB717 Farm Trailer Farm Trailer red
MB687 International CXT InternationalCXTmetallicsilver

#4 Modern RidesEdit

Modern Rides
Model # Model Name Photo
MB807 Holden UTE SSV HoldenUTESSV-Purple
MB803 Fisker Karma FiskerKarma-Blue
MB806 Cadillac CTS Wagon 2011CadillacCTSWagon-White
MB750 Lotus Evora 2011-LotusEvora-Green
MB759 Dodge Challenger SRT8 2011-DodgeChallengerSRT8-Red

#5 PoliceEdit


Model # Model Name Photo
MB787 Express Delivery 5614844334 0abc4c3dcb
MB360 Ford Expedition Ford Expedition 2011 5 Pack)
MB676 Dodge Charger DodgeCharger2005darkblue
MB749 Corvette ZR-1 ChevyCorvetteZR12008blackandwhite
MB762 Dodge Monaco Police Dodge Monaco Police Car 5-Pack - 00626ef

#7 Camping AdventureEdit


Model # Model Name Photo
MB734 Volkswagen T2 Bus
MB805 '85 Toyota 4Runner Toyota 4Runner Ranger
MB731 Baja Bandit Baja Bandit (2011-Red)
MB705 Honda Ridgeline
MB747 Travel Trailer (Modified)

#8 Volkswagen 5-PackEdit


Model # Model Name Photo
MB483 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible 2011-5P-Concept1BeetleConvertible-Blue
MB760 Karmann Ghia Convertible 2011-5P-KarmannGhiaConvertible-Green
MB738 Volkswagen Type 181 2011-5P-VolkswagenType181-White
MB21 1962 VW Beetle 2011-5P-1962VWBeetle-Orange
MB390 '67 VW Transporter 2011-5P-67VWTransporter-Purple

#9 FireEdit


Model # Model Name Photo
MB771 '08 Ford E-350 Ambulance Providence Fire 08 Ford E-Series Ambulance 20120611 JSCC
MB689 Ford Crown Victoria Police CVFire-2011MBX
MB698 Fire Engine
MB801 International Brush Fire Truck InternationalWorkstarBrushfireTruckwhite
MB695 Guzzler Matchbox Guzzler 2010 - 01332df

#10 ConstructionEdit

5-Pack Construction 2010
Model # Model Name Photo
MB789 Skidster Skidster 2011 5Pack
MB737 Quarry King Quarry King 2011 5Pack
MB710 Dump Truck DumpTruckblackandyellow
MB707 Ground Breaker GroundBreakerlimegreen
MB800 Road Roller Road Roller 2011 5Pack

#11 Off-Road AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Photo
MB749 Cliff Hanger
MB804 Yamaha Rhino (2009)
MB797 Baja Bullet
MB781 Rock Shocker
MB788 Ford F150 SVT Raptor (2010) Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (2011 5 Pack)

#12 Classic RidesEdit

Matchbox 2011 lot of 5 cars from gift pack c

Model # Model Name Photo Box
MB802 Caterham Superlight R500 Matchbox 2011 Caterham R500 from gift pack a


MB785 VW Porsche 914 Matchbox 2011 Porsche 914 from gift pack f
MB688 1961 Jaguar E-Type Coupe Matchbox 2011 Jaguar E-type from gift pack e
MB799 Volvo P1800S Matchbox 2011 Volvo P1800S from gift pack c
MB777 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Matchbox 2011 Oldsmobile from gift pack a

#13 City LifeEdit


Model # Model Name Photo
MB742 Garbage Truck
MB768 GMC School Bus GMC School Bus-5pack
MB778 Ice Cream Van Ice Cream Van 2011-5Pack
MB798 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Ford Connect Taxi 2011 5P
MB713 Austin Mini Van Mini bic

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