#1 Construction TrucksEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB707 Ground Breaker Construction Trucks Ground Breaker orange
MB737 Quarry King Construction Trucks
MB690 MBX Mixer Construction Trucks Cement mixer a1
MB745 Scraper Construction Trucks
MB710 Dirt Hauler Construction Trucks Dirt hauler a1

#2 Modern RidesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB744 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Modern Rides Shelby GT500 Convertible - 2007
MB549 Volkswagen W12 Concept Modern Rides Volkswagen W12 Concept
MB750 Lotus Evora Modern Rides Lotus Evora
MB749 Corvette ZR-1 Modern Rides Chevy Corvette ZR-1
MB423 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Modern Rides Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

#3 Medieval RidesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB606 Armored Response Vehicle Knight's Revenge Armored response vehicle b1
MB783 Jungle Crawler Knight's Revenge
MB712 Desert Thunder V16 Knight's Revenge Desert thunder v16 d1
MB699 Off-Road Rider Knight's Revenge
MB506 Hummer Police Knight's Revenge

#4 Farm RigsEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB703 Tractor Farm Tractor 2010
MB733 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery Farm 100 0568
MB564 Foam Fire Truck Farm Foam Fire Truck 2010
MB736 '75 Chevy Stepside Farm Chevy stepside c1
MB324 '97 Chevy Tahoe Farm Chevy tahoe b1

#5 Classic RidesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB336 '71 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Classic Rides '71 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 - 00345ef
MB342 '65 Mustang GT Classic Rides '65 Mustang GT - 02550df
MB761 1972 Lotus Europa Special Classic Rides 1972 Lotus Europa Special - 02552ef
MB739 '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Classic Rides '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - 00340ef
MB760 1969 Type 14 Karmann Ghia Convertible Classic Rides 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible - 00354ff

#6 Blaze BustersEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB698 Fire Engine Blaze Busters Fire truck c1
MB372 Chevy Transport Bus Blaze Busters Chevy transport bus a1
MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Blaze Busters
MB679 Ambulance (2005) Blaze Buster
MB796 Hazard Squad Blaze Busters Alternative model
MB325 Chevy Tahoe Blaze Busters Chevy tahoe c1

#7 Mountain AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB526 Hummer H2 Concept  Wolf Mountain
MB697 Land Rover Defender 110  Wolf Mountain
MB670 Jeep Hurricane  Wolf Mountain
MB748 MBX 4x4  Wolf Mountain
MB716 Ridge Raider  Wolf Mountain

#8 Camping AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB756 MBX Motor Home  Camping Adventure
MB731 Baja Bandit  Camping Adventure Baja bandit d1
MB777 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser  Camping Adventure Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser orange
MB398 Chevy Silverado Camping Adventure Chevy silverado a1
MB720 Ford Bronco 4x4  Camping Adventure Ford bronco 4x4 c1

#9 Desert AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB486 Jeep Wrangler Camper  Desert Adventure
MB685 2006 Dune Buggy  Desert Adventure Dune buggy c1
MB764 '68 Toyota Land Cruiser Desert Adventure
MB781 Rock Shocker  Desert Adventure
MB782 Sahara Survivor  Desert Adventure

#10 Police SquadEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB614 School Bus Police
MB689 Ford Crown Victoria Police (2006) Police Squad Ford crown victoria 2005 d1
MB541 Rescue Helicopter Police Squad
MB436 Chevy Suburban Police Squad Chevy suburban c1
MB444 Ford Panel Van Police Squad FordPanelVanblack

#11 City ActionEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB763 MBX Mover City Action
MB776 MBX Street Cleaner City Action
MB741 2006 Volkswagen Caddy City Action
MB768 GMC School Bus City Action Images-23
MB778 Ice Cream Van City Action IceCreamVanfadedyellow

#12 Service CenterEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB661 Tow Truck Service Center
MB672 Chevy Silverado SS Service Center
MB687 International CXT Service Center IMG 0306
MB695 Guzzler Service Center
MB693 '07 Ford Transit Van Service Center


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