Model # Card # Model Name Series Photo
SF01 Chevy Corvette ZR1 Superfast 09SF1ZR1
SF02 Honda Civic Type R Superfast 09SF2Civic
SF03 Quarry King Superfast 09SF3QuarryKing
SF04 '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Superfast 09SF4Deville
SF05 DAF XF Space Cab Superfast 09SF5DAFCab
SF06 Morgan Aeromax Superfast 09SF6Aeromax
SF07 Dodge Magnum Police Superfast 09SF7Magnum
SF08 MBX 4x4 Superfast 09SF8MBX4x4
SF09 '77 Chevy Van Superfast 09SF9ChevyVan
SF10 Volkswagen Caddy Superfast 09SF10Caddy
SF11 2007 Ford Shelby GT-500 Superfast
SF12 Scraper Superfast
SF13 2008 Mazda 2 Superfast
SF14 2008 Garbage Truck Superfast
SF15 '75 Chevy Stepside Pickup Superfast
SF16 '68 Citroen DS Superfast
SF17 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Superfast
SF18 Lotus Evora Superfast 09SF18Evora
SF19 MBX Motor Home Superfast
SF20 '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery Superfast
Mail-in Promo Volkswagen T2 Bus Superfast 09SFMailVWBus

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