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This page contains the 2009 1-100 USA lineup. For additional 2009 releases, see below.

1-100 SeriesEdit

Some of these cars are also released with 2010 blistercards.

Model # Card # Model Name Series Series # Photo
MB01 N5435


'71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (NEW) Heritage Classics 1/11 '71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser - 0991ef
MB02 N5436


'64 Austin Mini Cooper S (NEW) Heritage Classics 2/11 2-MiniCooperOpen
MB03 N5440 1971 Lotus Europa S (NEW) Heritage Classics 3/11 3-LotusEuropaOpen
MB04 N5441 Karmann Ghia Convertible (NEW) Heritage Classics 4/11 4-KarmannGhiaOpen
MB05 P1922 Jaguar XK 120SE (NEW) Heritage Classics 11/11 0905-JaguarXK120
MB06 P2911 '68 Citroen DS Heritage Classics 5/11 0906-CitroenDS
MB07 P2912 '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Heritage Classics 6/11 '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Green - 8136cf
MB08 P2921 '68 Mercury Cougar Heritage Classics 7/11 8-1968MercuryCougarOpen
MB09 P2939 '61 Jaguar E-Type Coupe Heritage Classics 8/11 0909JagEType
MB10 P2940 '70 Pontiac GTO Heritage Classics 9/11 10-'70PontiacGTOOpen
MB11 P2942 '70 El Camino Heritage Classics 10/11 11-1971ChevyElCaminoOpen
MB12 N5438 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (NEW) Sports Cars 11/13 0912-DodgeChallenger
MB13 P2910


Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (NEW) Sports Cars 12/13 0913-MercedesBenzSLR
MB14 R3371 TVR Tuscan S Sports Cars 10/13 0914TVRTuscan
MB15 P2917


2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Sports Cars 1/13 0915a-ShelbyGT500ConvYellow
MB16 P2918 Lotus Evora Sports Cars 2/13 0916-LotusEvora
MB17 P2923 Lotus Exige Sports Cars 3/13 0917-LotusExige
MB18 P2926 Ford GT Sports Cars 4/13 0918-FordGT
MB19 P2927 Jaguar XK Sports Cars 5/13 0919-JaguarXK
MB20 P2928 Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Cars 6/13 0920-Porsche911GT3
MB21 P2931 Audi R8 Sports Cars 8/13 0921-AudiR8
MB22 P2941


Dodge Viper GTS-R Sports Cars 9/13 Viper GTSR Black GreenStripes
MB23 P2913 Corvette ZR-1 Sports Cars 13/13 0923-CorvetteZR1
MB24 P2914 Morgan Aeromax Sports Cars 7/13 0924-MorganAeromax
MB25 N5442


'08 Toyota Prius (NEW) Metro Rides 1/9 0925-Prius
MB26 P2915


'08 Honda Civic Type R Metro Rides 2/9 0926-CivicSI
MB27 P2916 Mazda 2 Metro Rides 3/9 0927Mazda2
MB28 P2919 SMART Cabrio Metro Rides 4/9 0928-SmartCabrio
MB29 P2920


Dodge Magnum Metro Rides 5/9 Matchbox Dodge Magnum - 0988ef
MB30 P2924 Volkswagen Golf V GTI Metro Rides 6/9 0930-VWGolf
MB31 P2932 Volvo C30 Metro Rides 7/9 0931-VolvoC30
MB32 P2937 Scion xB Metro Rides 8/9 0932-ScionxB
MB33 P2938 Mitsubishi Eclipse Metro Rides 9/9 0933-Eclipse
MB34 P2925 Mercedes-Benz CLS500 VIP Rides 1/7 0934-MBCLS500
MB35 P2929 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG VIP Rides 2/7 0935-MBSL55AMG
MB36 P2930 Audi RS6 Avant VIP Rides 3/7 0936AudiRS6
MB37 P2933 Lexus GS430 VIP Rides 4/7 0937-LexusGS430
MB38 P2934 Range Rover Sport VIP Rides 5/7 0938-RangeRoverSport
MB39 P2935 Bentley Continental GT VIP Rides 6/7 0939-BentleyContinentalGT
MB40 P2936 Lincoln Navigator VIP Rides 7/7 0940LincolnNavigator
MB41 N5448


MBX Mover (NEW) City Action 1/13 MBX Mover - 9605df
MB42 N5444 GMC School Bus (NEW) City Action 2/13 0942-ShortBus
MB43 N5449 Ice Cream Cruiser (NEW) City Action 3/13 0943IceCreamCruiser
MB44 P5450 Street Sweeper (NEW) City Action 4/13 0944-StreetSweeper
MB45 P2943 Volkswagen Caddy City Action 5/13 0945-VWCaddy
MB46 P2944 Garbage Truck City Action 6/13 0946-GarbageTruck
MB47 P2949


Ford F-100 Panel Delivery City Action 7/13 0947-F100Red
MB48 P2951 '07 Ford Transit Van City Action 8/13 0948-FordTransit
MB49 P2956 Chevy Van City Action 9/13 0949-ChevyVan
MB50 P2957 City Bus City Action 10/13 0950Bus
MB51 P2958 '06 Crown Victoria Taxi (modified tool) City Action 11/13 0951-CrownVicTaxi
MB52 P2960 Routemaster Bus City Action 12/13 0952-Routemaster
MB53 P2969 Austin Mini Van City Action 13/13 Austin Mini Van - 7835df
MB54 N5443 Dodge Monaco Police (NEW) Emergency Response 1/8 0954-DodgeMonacoPolice
MB55 N5445


'08 Ford E-350 Ambulance (NEW) Emergency Response 2/8 0955-Ambulance
MB56 R3372 '63 Cadillac Ambulance (NEW) Emergency Response 8/8 0956CadillacAmbulance
MB57 P2945 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Emergency Response 3/8 0957PierceDash
MB58 R2564 Chevy Impala Emergency Response 4/8 0958Impala
MB59 P2952


International Pumper Emergency Response 5/8 0959-PumperWhite
MB60 P2959


'06 Fire Engine

Ladder Truck

Emergency Response 6/8 0960-LadderTruck
MB61 P2965


Dodge Charger Police Emergency Response 7/8 0961-ChargerHummelstown
MB62 P2947 Scraper Construction 1/7 0962-Scraper
MB63 P2948 Quarry King Construction 2/7 0963-QuarryKing
MB64 P2950


Ground Breaker Construction 3/7 0964-GroundBreaker
MB65 P2961 International CXT Construction 4/7 0965InternationalCXT
MB66 P2963 Guzzler Construction 5/7 0966-Guzzler
MB67 P2966


Dump Truck Construction 6/7 0967-DirtHaulerRed
MB68 P2967 MBX Mixer Construction 7/7 0968Mixer
MB69 P2953 Power Lift Highway Maintenance 1/6 0969-PowerLift
MB70 P2954 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 Highway Maintenance 2/6 0970Unimog
MB71 P2955 Tractor Highway Maintenance 3/6 0971-Tractor
MB72 P2962 DAF XF95 Super Space Cab Highway Maintenance 4/6 0972-DAFCab
MB73 P2964


Tractor Plow Highway Maintenance 5/6 0973-TractorOrange
MB74 P2968


Plow Master 6000 Highway Maintenance 6/6 0974-PlowMaster
MB75 N5439


Quick Sander (NEW) Desert Adventure 1/14 0975-QuickSander
MB76 N5452 Rock Shocker (NEW) Desert Adventure 2/14 0976RockShocker
MB77 N7373


Sahara Survivor (NEW) Desert Adventure 3/14 0977SaharaSurvivor
MB78 N5451 Jungle Crawler (NEW) Desert Adventure 4/14 0978JungleCrawler
MB79 P2970


MBX 4X4 Desert Adventure 5/14 0979-MBX4x4
MB80 P2976 Baja Bandit Desert Adventure 6/14 0980-BajaBandit
MB81 P2977 2006 Dune Buggy Desert Adventure 7/14 0981-DuneBuggy
MB82 P2979 Volkswagen 4x4 Desert Adventure 8/14 0982-VW4x4
MB83 P2981 '97 Land Rover Defender 110 Desert Adventure 9/14 MBX '97 Land Rover Defender 110 (2)
MB84 P2982 Off-Road Rider Desert Adventure 10/14 0984-OffRoadRider
MB85 P2983 Jeep Hurricane Concept Desert Adventure 11/14 0985Hurricane
MB86 P2984 Desert Thunder V16 Desert Adventure 12/14 0986-DesertThunderV16
MB87 P2987 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Desert Adventure 13/14 0987-JeepWrangler
MB88 P2989 Ridge Raider Desert Adventure 14/14 0988-RidgeRaider
MB89 N5446


'68 Toyota Land Cruiser (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 1/12 MBX '68 Toyota Land Cruiser
MB90 N5447 Mitsubishi L200 (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 2/12 0990L200
MB91 P2971 MBX Motor Home Outdoor Sportsman 3/12 0991-MBXMotorHome
MB92 P2972 '75 Chevy Stepside Outdoor Sportsman 4/12 0992-ChevyStepside
MB93 P2973


Volkswagen Type 181 Outdoor Sportsman 5/12 0993-VWThingBlue
MB94 P2974


Volkswagen T2 Bus Outdoor Sportsman 6/12 Volkswagen T2 Bus - 1286ef
MB95 P2975 '72 Ford Bronco Outdoor Sportsman 7/12 0995-FordBronco
MB96 P2978


Land Rover Discovery Outdoor Sportsman 8/12 0996-LandRoverDiscoveryBrown
MB97 P2980 Honda Ridgeline Outdoor Sportsman 9/12 0997-HondaRidgeline
MB98 P2985 Jeep Rescue Concept Outdoor Sportsman 10/12 0998Rescue
MB99 P2986 Hummer H3 Outdoor Sportsman 11/12 0999-HummerH3
MB100 P2988 Chevy Silverado Outdoor Sportsman 12/12 09100-ChevySilveradoSS

Additional 2009 ReleasesEdit

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