#1 Croc ZooEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB546 Chevy Avalanche Croc Zoo Chevrolet Avalanche - 4726cf
MB699 Off-Road Rider Croc Zoo 09CrocZooOffRoadRider
MB720 '72 Ford Bronco Croc Zoo 09CrocZooBronco
MB712 Desert Thunder V16 Croc Zoo 09CrocZooDesertThunder
MB129 Chevy Blazer Croc Zoo Chevy Blazer 4x4 - 8446cf

#2 ConstructionEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB707 Ground Breaker Construction 09ConstructionGroundBreaker
MB737 Quarry King Construction 09ConstructionQuarryKing
MB745 Scraper Construction 09ConstructionScraper
MB704 Power Lift Construction 09ConstructionPowerLift
MB710 Dirt Hauler Construction 09ConstructionDirtHauler

#3 VIP 5Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB567 Cadillac Escalade VIP 5 09VIP5Escalade
MB683 Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 VIP 5 Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 - 1222df
MB696 Audi RS6 Avant VIP 5 Audi RS6 Avant - 1220ef
MB714 Lexus GS430 VIP 5 09VIP5LexusGS430
MB673 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG VIP 5 09VIP5MBSL55AMG

#4 Beach PatrolEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB581 Ford F-Series with Raft Beach Patrol MBX Ford F-Series Truck (2)
MB526 Hummer H2 SUV Concept Beach Patrol MBX Hummer H2 SUV Concept (3)
MB705 Honda Ridgeline Beach Patrol MBX Honda Ridgeline (2)
MB685 2006 Dune Buggy Beach Patrol MBX Dune Buggy (4)
MB731 Baja Bandit Beach Patrol MBX Baja Bandit (2)

# 5 City ServicesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB693 '07 Ford Transit Van City Services 09City-FordTransit
MB741 2006 Volkswagen Caddy City Services MBX Volkswagen Caddy
MB742 Garbage Truck City Services MBX Garbage Truck
MB662 City Bus City Services MBX City Bus
MB446 Armored Car International City Services MBX International Armored Car

#6 Modern RidesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB671 2005 Ford GT Modern Rides 09ModRideGT
MB729 Porsche 911 GT3 Modern Rides 09ModRidePorsche911
MB744 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Modern Rides 09ModRideShelby
MB587 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Modern Rides 09ModRideShelbyCobra
MB565 Opel Speedster Modern Rides 09ModRideSpeedster

#7 FireEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine Fire 09FirePierceDash
MB304 Ford Crown Victoria Police Fire 09FireCrownVic
MB436 Chevy Suburban Fire 09FireSuburban
MB698 Fire Engine (2006) Fire 09FireFireEngine
MB229 Mack Auxiliary Power Truck Fire 09FireMackAuxPower

#8 Dino AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB506 Hummer Police Dino Adventure MBX Hummer (4)
MB721 Land Rover Ninety Dino Adventure MBX Land Rover 90 (2)
MB699 Off-Road Rider Dino Adventure MBX Off-Road Rider (5)
MB153 Mission Helicopter Dino Adventure MBX Misson Helicopter (4)
MB606 Armored Response Vehicle Dino Adventure MBX Armored Response Vehicle (2)

#9 Classic CarsEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB610 '71 Chevelle SS Convertible Classic Cars 09ClassicChevelle
MB688 '61 Jaguar E-Type Coupe Classic Cars 09ClassicJaguar
MB733 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery Classic Cars 09ClassicF100
MB735 '68 Citroen DS Classic Cars 09ClassicCitroen
MB713 1965 Austin Mini Van Classic Cars 09ClassicAustin

#10 Service CenterEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB709 Chevy Van Service Center MBX Chevy Van (2)
MB695 Guzzler Service Center MBX Ultility Truck (3)
MB188 GMC Wrecker Service Center MBX GMC Wrecker (2)
MB708 Hiway Hauler Service Center MBX Car Carrier (2)
MB736 '75 Chevy Stepside Service Center MBX Chevy Stepside Pickup 1975

#11 Desert AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB756 MBX Motor Home Desert Adventure Matchbox MBX Motorhome 5-Pack - 1273df
MB748 MBX 4x4 Desert Adventure 09DesertMBX4x4
MB723 Volkswagen 4x4 Desert Adventure 09DesertVW4x4
MB131 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Desert Adventure 09DesertWrangler
MB716 Ridge Raider Desert Adventure 09DesertRidgeRaider

#12 PoliceEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB372 Chevy Transport Bus Police 09PoliceBus
MB689 Ford Crown Victoria Police Police 09PoliceCrownVic
MB541 Rescue Helicopter Police 09PoliceHelicopter
MB360 Ford Expedition Police 09PoliceExpedition
MB474 Ford Police Panel Van Police 09PoliceVan

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