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1 to 100 range (USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand)Edit

Model # Card # Model Name Series Series # Photo
MB01 M4380
'68 Citroen DS (NEW) Heritage Classics 1/8 68 citreon black
MB02 M0237
'69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille (NEW) Heritage Classics 2/8 '69 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Gold - 8137cf
MB03 M5289
1968 Mercury Cougar (NEW in 2004 Superfast line) Heritage Classics 3/8 0803CougarRed
MB04 M5296 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA Heritage Classics 4/8 0804Alfa
MB05 M5302 '71 Chevelle SS Convertible (New in 2004 Superfast line) Heritage Classics 5/8 71 chevelle ss convert lt blu
MB06 M5304 '61 Jaguar E-Type Coupe Heritage Classics 6/8 080661Jag
MB07 M5313 '65 Austin Mini Van Heritage Classics 7/8 1965 Austin Mini Van - 8835df
MB08 M5320 '70 Chevy El Camino Heritage Classics 8/8 El camino blu
MB09 M0238
Corvette ZR-1 (NEW) Sports Cars 1/17 Corvette zr1 blue
MB10 M0072 '08 Lotus (Evora) (NEW) Sports Cars 2/17 0810Evora
MB11 M4381 2007 Shelby GT500 (NEW) Sports Cars 3/17 0811ShelbyGT500
MB12 M2628 Morgan Aeromax (NEW) Sports Cars 4/17 Morgan grey blu
MB13 M2278 '65 Ford Mustang GT Sports Cars 5/17 081365Mustang
MB14 M5288 Dodge Charger Sports Cars 6/17 0814Charger
MB15 M5290 Lotus Exige Sports Cars 7/17 Lotus Exige - 6441df
MB16 M5293 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning Sports Cars 8/17 0816F150
MB17 M5295 Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Cars 9/17 0817Porsche911
MB18 M5299 Audi R8 Sports Cars 10/17 0818AudiR8
MB19 M5305 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Sports Cars 11/17 0819911Carrera
MB20 M5306
Audi TT Roadster Sports Cars 12/17 0820TTBlue
MB21 M5314 Ford Mustang GT Concept Sports Cars 13/17 Mustang burgundy
MB22 M5315
TVR Tuscan S Sports Cars 14/17 0822TVRGreen
MB23 M5317
Nissan 350Z Sports Cars 15/17 0823350ZBlack
MB24 M5318 Dodge Viper GTS-R Sports Cars 16/17 Dodge Viper GTSR - 7096df
MB25 M5319 '00 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Sports Cars 17/17 0824CorvetteConv
MB26 M2630
'08 Honda Civic Type R (NEW) Metro Rides 1/7 0826CivicRed
MB27 M2627
Mazda 2 (NEW) Metro Rides 2/7 Mazada 2 drk grn
MB28 M5291 Golf V GTI Metro Rides 3/7 0828Golf
MB29 M5294 SMART Cabrio (New to USA 1-100 line) Metro Rides 4/7 SMART Cabrio Red
MB30 M5303 Mitsubishi Eclipse Metro Rides 5/7 0830Eclipse
MB31 M5310 Scion xB Metro Rides 6/7 0831ScionxB
MB32 M5321 Volkswagen Concept 1 Convertible Metro Rides 7/7 0832VWConcept1
MB33 M5286 Jaguar XK VIP Luxury 1/12 0833JaguarXK
MB34 M5292
Mercedes-Benz CLS500 VIP Luxury 2/12 0834CLS500Black
MB35 M5297 Mercedes-Benz SL55 VIP Luxury 3/12 0835MBSL55
MB36 M5298 Audi RS6 Avant VIP Luxury 4/12 Blue Audi RS6 Avant - 6702df
MB37 M5300 Lexus GS430 VIP Luxury 5/12 0837LexusGS430
MB38 M5301 Volvo C30 VIP Luxury 6/12 0738VolvoC30
MB39 M5307 Bentley Continental GT VIP Luxury 7/12 0839Bentley
MB40 M5308
Range Rover Sport VIP Luxury 8/12 0840RangeRover
MB41 M5309 Lincoln Navigator VIP Luxury 9/12 0841Navigator
MB42 M5311 Porsche Cayenne Turbo VIP Luxury 10/12 0842Cayenne
MB43 M5312 Volvo XC-90 VIP Luxury 11/12 0843XC90
MB44 M5316 Cadillac Escalade VIP Luxury 12/12 0844Escalade
MB45 M0061
Subaru Impreza Police (NEW) City Action 1/12 0845ImprezaSilver
MB46 M2626 '06 Volkswagen Caddy (NEW) City Action 2/12 2006 Volkswagen Caddy - 7838df
MB47 M2631
Garbage Truck (NEW) City Action 3/12 Garbage truck
MB48 M5324 Hiway Hauler City Action 4/12 Hiway Hauler - 6912cf
MB49 M5328
Chevy Van City Action 5/12 0849ChevyVanWhite
MB50 M5329 City Bus City Action 6/12 0850ChevyBus
MB51 M5332 GMC Wrecker City Action 7/12 0851Wrecker
MB52 M5334
Austin FX4 Taxi City Action 8/12 Matchbox Austin FX4 Taxi - 1282ef
MB53 M5338 Routemaster Bus City Action 9/12 0853Routemaster
MB54 M5339 DAF XF 95 Space Cab (NEW) City Action 10/12 DAF Silver
MB55 M5342 '63 Cadillac Hearse City Action 11/12 Silver 1963 Cadillac Hearse - B6631df
MB56 M5287 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi City Action 12/12 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi - 6691df
MB57 M2974
Quarry King (NEW) Construction 1/7 0857QuarryKing
MB58 M0062 Scraper (NEW) Construction 2/7 0858Scraper
MB59 M5322 Ground Breaker Construction 3/7 MBX Ground Breaker
MB60 M5325 Power Lift Construction 4/7 0860PowerLift
MB61 M5326 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 Construction 5/7 MBX Mercedes-Benz Unimos U300 (2)
MB62 M5336 MBX Mixer Construction 6/7 0862Mixer
MB63 M5343 Dirt Hauler Construction 7/7 0863DirtHauler
MB64 M2634 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (NEW) Farm 1/6 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery - 8676df
MB65 M5327 Tractor Farm 2/6 MBX Tractor (2)
MB66 M5335 Tractor Plow Farm 3/6 0866TractorPlow
MB67 M5337
Guzzler Farm 4/6 0867GuzzlerBlue
MB68 M5341 International CXT Farm 5/6 0868InternationalCXT
MB69 M5344 Tractor Plow Farm 6/6 0869PlowMaster
MB70 M5330 Ford Crown Victoria Emergency 1/6 0870CrownVic
MB71 M5331 Dodge Magnum Police Emergency 2/6 Dodge Magnum Police - 5746cf
MB72 M5323 Ford Transit Emergency 3/6 2006 Ford Transit Van - 7837df
MB73 M5340 Ladder King Emergency 4/6 0873LadderKing
MB74 M5345 Dennis Sabre Emergency 5/6 Dennis Sabre - 7078cf
MB75 M2629
Pierce Fire Engine (NEW) Emergency 6/6 0875PierceDash
MB76 M4382 '75 Volkswagen Thing (NEW) Outdoor Adventure 1/12 '75 Volkswagen Thing - 8677df
MB77 M2632 MBX Motor Home (NEW) Outdoor Adventure 2/12 Mbx motorhome 2008
MB78 M3945
'75 Chevy Stepside (NEW) Outdoor Adventure 3/12 75 chevy fleetside grn
MB79 M2633 Volkswagen T2 Bus (NEW) Outdoor Adventure 4/12 Volkswagen T2 Bus - 5747df
MB80 M5350 Honda Ridgeline Outdoor Adventure 5/12 0880Ridgeline
MB81 M5352 Dune Buggy Outdoor Adventure 6/12 0881DuneBuggy
MB82 M5356 Jeep Wrangler 4x4 Outdoor Adventure 7/12 0882Wrangler
MB83 M5357 Hummer H3 Outdoor Adventure 8/12 0883Hummer
MB84 M5360
Jeep Rescue Concept Outdoor Adventure 9/12 0884JeepRescueMaroon
MB85 M5362 Land Rover Discovery Outdoor Adventure 10/12 0885Discovery
MB86 M5363 Chevy Avalanche Outdoor Adventure 11/12 0886Avalanche
MB87 M5368
Chevy Silverado Outdoor Adventure 12/12 0887Silverado
MB88 N2470
MBX 4X4 (NEW) All Terrain 1/13 0888MBX4x4
MB89 M5346 '72 Ford Bronco All Terrain 2/13 72 ford bronco yellow
MB90 M5347 Baja Bandit All Terrain 3/13 0890BajaBandit
MB91 M5348
Volkswagen 4x4 All Terrain 4/13 MBX Volkswagen Beetle 4x4
MB92 M5349 Ridge Raider All Terrain 5/13 0892RidgeRaider
MB93 M5351 '97 Land Rover Defender 110 All Terrain 6/13 0893Defender110
MB94 M5353
Off-Road Rider All Terrain 7/13 0894OffRoadRider
MB95 M5354 Jeep Hurricane Concept All Terrain 8/13 0895Hurricane
MB96 M5355 GMC Terradyne All Terrain 9/13 0896Terradyne
MB97 M5358 Chevy K-1500 All Terrain 10/13 MBX Chevy K-1500 Pick-up
MB98 M5359 Desert Thunder V16 All Terrain 11/13 MBX Desert Thunder V16 (2)
MB99 M5373
Jeep Wrangler All Terrain 12/13 0899Wrangler
MB100 M5374 Hummer H2 SUV Concept All Terrain 13/13 08100H2

Note: There were three different basic ranges for 2008: [1]

  • USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand had 100 models [1]
  • Latin America had 75 models [1]
  • Rest of World had 75 models [1]

Additional 2008 ReleasesEdit


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