#1 Dino MountainEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB571 Sea Rescue Helicopter Dino Mountain Rescue Helicopter Dino
MB546 Chevy Avalanche Dino Mountain Chevy Avalanche Dino
MB685 2006 Dune Buggy Dino Mountain 2006 Dune Buggy Dino
MB486 Jeep Wrangler 1998 Dino Mountain Jeep Wrangler Dino
MB723 Volkswagen 4x4 Dino Mountain Volkswagen 4x4 Dino

#2 VIP 5Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB714 Lexus GS430 VIP 5 LexusGS4305packdarkblue
MB692 Jaguar XK VIP 5 NewJaguarXKVIP5packred
MB729 Porsche 911 GT3 VIP 5 Porsche911GT3VIP5packsilver
MB683 Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 VIP 5 MercedesBenzCLS500VIP5packbrown
MB691 Range Rover Sport VIP 5 08VIP5RangeRover

#3 FarmEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB652 Highway Maintenance Truck Farm Highway Maintenance Truck-Farm
MB564 Foam Fire Truck Farm Foam Fire Truck-Farm
MB398 Chevy Silverado Farm Chevy Silverado-Farm
MB703 Tractor Farm Tractor-Farm
MB686 Tractor Plow Farm Tractor Plow-Farm

#4 FireEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB420 Chevy Impala Police Fire
MB324 '97 Chevy Tahoe Fire
MB379 International Pumper Fire
MB698 Fire Engine Fire
MB679 Ambulance Fire Amb

#5 VacationEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB526 Hummer H2 SUV Concept Vacation MBX Hummer H2 SUV Concept
MB581 Ford F-Series with Raft Vacation Ford F-150 with Raft 2008
MB406 Land Rover Freelander Vacation Land Rover Freelander-2008
MB417 Truck Camper Vacation TRUCK cAMPER 2008
MB436 2000 Chevrolet Suburban Vacation CHEVROLET sUBURBAN

#6 ConstructionEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB605 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Construction FordExplorerSportTracConstruction5packmaroon
MB707 Ground Breaker Construction GroundBreakerConstruction5packteal
MB686 Tractor Plow Construction TractorPlowConstruction5packblackandwhite
MB492 Road Roller Construction Roller
MB710 Dump Truck (1989) Construction DumpTruck1989darkmediumblue

#7 Classic CarsEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB709 Chevy Van Classic Cars Matchbox Chevy Van 5-Pack - 1276ef
MB629 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Classic Cars Matchbox 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 5-Pack - 1274ef
MB688 '61 Jaguar E-Type Coupe Classic Cars Matchbox '61 Jaguar E-Type - 1275ef
MB713 1965 Austin Mini Van Classic Cars 1965 Austin Mini Van In Blue
MB390 '67 Volkswagen Transporter Classic Cars '67 Volkswagen Transporter - 8794df

#8 Modern RidesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB726 Audi R8 Modern Rides MBX Audi R8 (2)
MB630 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Modern Rides ChevroletCorvetteC6pearlorange
MB711 Volvo C30 Modern Rides 08ModRidesVolvoC30
MB680 Dodge Magnum R/T Modern Rides DodgeMagnummetallicpurple
MB671 2005 Ford GT Modern Rides FordGTmediumgreen

#9 Haunted HouseEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB598 Ambulance Haunted House Ambulance2003matteblack
MB559 1957 Lincoln Premiere Haunted House 1957LincolnPremiereorangeandblack
MB479 Ford Panel Van Haunted House FordPanelVanHauntedHousemattered
MB537 Limousine Haunted House LimousineHauntedHouseflatgray
MB667 London Taxi Haunted House LondonTaxiHauntedHousematteblack

#10 Off-RoadEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB699 Off-Road Rider Off-Road OffRoadriderbrightgreen
MB666 Hummer H3 Off-Road MBX Hummer H3
MB720 '72 Ford Bronco Off-Road FordBronco4X41972orange
MB716 Ridge Raider Off-Road RidgeRaidermetallicsilver
MB712 Desert Thunder V16 Off-Road MBX Desert Thunder V16 (3)

#11 PoliceEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB459 Ford Crown Victoria Police Police Ford Crown Victoria Police - 8472ef
MB489 Ford Expedition Police Ford Expedition - 8474df
MB541 Rescue Helicopter Police Rescue Helicopter Police.jpg
MB606 Armored Response Vehicle Police Armored Response Vehicle - 8788ef
MB676 Dodge Charger Police Police Dodge Charger - 8473ef

#12 Ocean ResearchEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB442 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ocean Research Jeep Grand Cherokee
MB429 Dune Buggy Ocean Research Dune Buggy 5-Pack
MB519 Hovercraft Ocean Research Hovercraft 5-Pack
MB687 International CXT Ocean Research International CXT 5-Pack
MB518 Rescue Boat Ocean Research Rescue Boat 5-Pack

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