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USA 1-75

List of 2004 Matchbox (Final saga of the Hero City-era; most of these new castings never made it past 2004)Edit

Models # Cards# Model Names Series Series # Photos
MB01 C4526 Whistle Wagon (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue 1/5 Hero City Whistle Car
MB02 C4527 Badge Blaster (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue 2/5 Hero City Badge Blaster
MB03 C4528 Squawkie-Talkie (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue 3/5 Squawkie-Talkie
MB04 C4531 Fire Freezer (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue 4/5 Hero City Fire Extinguisher
MB05 C4533 Flame Chopper (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue 5/5 Hero city flame chopper
MB06 C4532 Max Tractor (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Town 1/5 Max Tractor
MB07 C4133 Milk Moo-ver (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Town 2/5 Milk Moo-ver
MB08 C4530

Q.B. Roller (NEW)

Ultra Heroes: Town 3/5 Hero City QB Roller
MB09 C4534 Bass Bus (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Town 4/5 010
MB10 C4536 J.R. Bumper (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Town 5/5 J.R. Bumper
MB11 C4536 Buzz Copter (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Insect Rescue 1/5 Hero City Buzz Copter
MB12 C4537 Crash Hopper (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Insect Rescue 2/5 Hero City Crash Hopper
MB13 C4538 S Cargo (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Insect Rescue 3/5 S Cargo (AKA Snail Truck)
MB14 C4539 Web Wheeler (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Insect Rescue 4/5 Web Wheeler
MB15 C4540 Litter Bug (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Insect Rescue 5/5 Litter Bug
MB16 C4541 Y-Nossarus (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Animal Construction 1/5 Hero City Y Nossarus
MB17 C4542 Rumble Dozer (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Animal Construction 2/5 Hero City Rumble Dozer
MB18 Mixopotamus (NEW) Ultra Heroes 3/5 Mixopotamus MB 8
MB19 C4544 Go Rolla (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Animal Construction 4/5 Hero City Go Rolla
MB20 C4545 Jumbo Sweeper (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Animal Construction 5/5 Hero City Jumbo Sweeper
MB21 C4546 Mush Puppy (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue Dogs 1/5 Mush Puppy
MB22 C4547 Pound Hound (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue Dogs 2/5 Pound Hound
MB23 C4548 Lock Boxer (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue Dogs 3/5 Lock Boxer
MB24 C4549 Huski-Patrol (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue Dogs 4/5 Hero City Huski-Patrol
MB25 C4550 Space Buggy (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Rescue Dogs 5/5 Hero City Space Buggy
MB26 C4553 Crime Capper (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Hat Heads 1/5 Hero City Crime Capper
MB27 C4554 Squad Runner (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Hat Heads 2/5 Hero City Squad Runner
MB28 C4555 Hot Head (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Hat Heads 3/5 Hod Head MB 28
MB29 C4556 Rig Digger (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Hat Heads 4/5 Rig Digger
MB30 C4557 Cap'n Cop (NEW) Ultra Heroes: Hat Heads 5/5 Hero city cap'n cop
MB31 B5348 Fire Flooder (NEW) Fire 1/5 Hero City Fire Flooder
MB32 B5344 4x4 Fire Crusher (NEW) Fire 2/5 Hero City Fire Crusher
MB33 C5373 Fire Quencher (NEW) Fire 3/5 Fire Quencher
MB34 B5374 Dennis Sabre Fire 4/5 Hero City Dennis Sabre
MB35 B5376


Sky Fire Fire 5/5 Hero City Sky FireHero City Sky Fire red
MB36 H5938 Honda Element (NEW) Beach 1/5 Buried Treasure Honda Element
MB37 B5354 Beach patrol Beach 2/5 Hero City Beach Patrol
MB38 B5355 Wave Runner Beach 3/5 Hero City Wave Runner
MB39 B5356 Nissan Xterra Beach 4/5 Hero City Nissan Xterra
MB40 C2544 Police Moto Beach 5/5 Hero City Cop Cycle
MB41 B5359 Checker Taxi (NEW) Getting Around 1/5 HeroCityCheckerCab
MB42 B5379 Bus 2004 (NEW) Getting Around 2/5 Hero City Bus Yellow
MB43 B5360 Hero City Taxi Getting Around 3/5 TaxiCabHeroCitywhite
MB44 B5361 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi Getting Around 4/5 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi
MB45 B5362 Volkswagen Transporter Getting Around 5/5
MB-45 VW Transporter Bus
MB46 B5363 Ambulance (NEW) Medic Rescue 1/5 MB-46 Ambulance
MB47 B5364 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Medic Rescue 2/5 MB-47 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
MB48 B5365 Rapid Rescue Medic Rescue 3/5
MB-48 Rescue Helicopter
MB49 B5366 Ford Falcon (first release in USA) Medic Rescue 4/5 Ford Falcon
MB50 B5367 4x4 Chevrolet Blazer Medic Rescue 5/5
MB-50 Chevy Blazer 4x4
MB51 B5416 Jeep Compass (NEW) Off Road 1/5 Hero city jeep compass
MB52 B5415 Land Rover SVX (NEW) Off Road 2/5 Hero City Land Rover SVX
MB53 B5417 Jeep Willys II Off Road 3/5 Hero city jeep willys
MB54 B5418 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Off Road 4/5 Hero City volkswagen beetle 4x4
MB55 B5419 Sand Speeder Off Road 5/5 Hero city sand speeder
MB56 B5401 Trash King Town Services 1/5 Hero city trash king green
MB57 B5380 Volkswagen Microbus Town Services 2/5 Volkswagen Microbus Metallic dark blue
MB58 B5382 Land Rover 90 Town Services 3/5 Hero city land rover 90
MB59 B5369 Sundae Driver Town Services 4/5 Hero city sundae driver
MB60 B5372 Auto Shuttle Town Services 5/5

MB-60 Auto Shuttle

MB61 B5391 BMW Z4 (NEW) Valet Parking 1/5 Hero city bmw z4
MB62 H3707


Nissan Z (NEW) Valet Parking 2/5 Hero city nissan zMB-62 Nissan Z
MB63 B5393 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (NEW) Valet Parking 3/5 Hero city corvette c6
MB64 B5378 Pontiac Solstice Concept (NEW) Valet Parking 4/5 Hero city pontiac solstice concept
MB65 B5394 Mini Cooper S Valet Parking 5/5 Hero city mini cooper s
MB66 B5343


City Police (NEW) Police 1/5 Hero City Police Car
MB67 B5407 Police Radar Police 2/5 Buried Treasure Police Radar
MB68 H5942 Police Police 3/5 POLICE
MB69 B5386 Armored Police Police 4/5 Buried Treasure Armored Police
MB70 B5347 Police Helicopter Police 5/5 Hero City Sea Rescue Helicopter
MB71 C4551 Road Roller Construction 1/5 Hero City Road Roller
MB72 C4552 Super Dozer Construction 2/5 Hero City Super Dozer
MB73 B5412 The Wall Eater Construction 3/5 Hero City The Wall Eater
MB74 B5413 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Construction 4/5 Hero City Dodge Ram SRT-10
MB75 B5414 Earth Hauler Construction 5/5 Hero City Earth Hauler
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