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USA 1-100

*The first 10,000 run of each casting has the "Matchbox 2000" logo stamped somewhere on the vehicle.

List of 2000 MatchboxEdit

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series


MB01 96003 Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Matchbox Open Road 1/5 Open Road Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible
MB02 96004 1998 Camaro SS Convertible (NEW) Matchbox Open Road 2/5 Open Road Camaro Convertible
MB03 96006 1999 Mustang Convertible Matchbox Open Road 3/5 Open Road Mustang Convertible
MB04 96007 Plymouth Prowler Matchbox Open Road 4/5 Open Road Plymouth Prowler
MB05 96008 Porsche Boxster Matchbox Open Road 5/5 Open Road Porsche Boxster
MB06 96009 Submersible Matchbox Ocean Explorer 1/5 Submersible green
MB07 96011 Rescue Chopper Matchbox Ocean Explorer 2/5 Copter
MB08 96012 Watercraft with Trailer Matchbox Ocean Explorer 3/5 Wave King white
MB09 96013 1998 Jeep Wrangler Matchbox Ocean Explorer 4/5 1998 Jeep Wrangler blue
MB10 96014 Hydroplane Matchbox Ocean Explorer 5/5 Hydroplane blue
MB11 96084 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pickup Matchbox To The Beach 1/5 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pickup
MB12 96085 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Matchbox To The Beach 2/5 To The Beach 1962 Volkswagen Beetle
MB13 96086 Dirt Bike Matchbox To The Beach 3/5 To The Beach Dirt Bike
MB14 96087 Ford F-150 4x4 Matchbox To The Beach 4/5 Ford F150 4x4
MB15 96088 Dune Buggy Matchbox To The Beach 5/5 Dune Buggy To The Beach
MB16 96089 1957 Thunderbird Matchbox Great Drivers 1/5 Great Drivers 1957 Thunderbird
MB17 96090 1999 Mustang Hardtop (NEW) Matchbox Great Drivers 2/5 Great Drivers 1999 Mustang Hardtop
MB18 96091 1971 Camaro Z-28 Matchbox Great Drivers 3/5 1971 Camaro Z28 gold
MB19 96092 Viper GTS Matchbox Great Drivers 4/5 Dodge Viper GTS
MB20 96039 1933 Ford Coupe Matchbox Great Drivers 5/5 1933 Ford Coupe purple
MB21 96312 Ferrari F50 Matchbox Italian Stars 1/5 Italian Stars Ferrari F50
MB22 96313 Lamborghini Diablo Matchbox Italian Stars 2/5 Italian Stars Lamborghini Diablo
MB23 96314 Ferrari F40 Matchbox Italian Stars 3/5 Ferrari F40 red
MB24 96315 Lamborghini Countach Matchbox Italian Stars 4/5 Italian Stars Lamborghini Countach
MB25 96316 Ferrari Testarossa Matchbox Italian Stars 5/5 Italian Stars Ferrari Testarossa
MB26 96338 Sea Rescue Boat Matchbox Fire Fighters 1/5 Fire Fighters Sea Rescue Boat gold
MB27 96339 Snorkel Fire Truck Matchbox Fire Fighters 2/5 Snorkel Fire Truck
MB28 96341 Chevy Tahoe Fire Chief Matchbox Fire Fighters 3/5 Fire Fighters Chevy Tahoe Fire Chief red
MB29 96342 Airport Fire Truck Matchbox Fire Fighters 4/5 Fire Fighters Airport Fire Truck
MB30 96343 International Fire Pumper Matchbox Fire Fighters 5/5 Fire Fighters International Fire Pumper
MB31 96317 Cleveland School Bus Matchbox Matchbox USA 1/5 School Bus Matchbox USA
MB32 96318 Cleveland Fire Truck Matchbox Matchbox USA 2/5 Matchbox USA Cleveland fire Truck
MB33 96319 Cleveland Chevy Tahoe Matchbox Matchbox USA 3/5 Matchbox USA Chevy Tahoe
MB34 96321 Cleveland Police Impala (NEW) Matchbox - Matchbox USA 4/5 Cleveland Police Impala
MB35 96322 Cleveland Trash Truck Matchbox Matchbox USA 5/5 Cleveland Trash Truck
MB36 96323 X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle (NEW) Matchbox Space Explorer 1/5 Space Explorer X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle white
MB37 96324 Mission Scissors Truck Matchbox Space Explorer 2/5 Space Explorer Mission Scissors Truck
MB38 96325 Mission Ford Van (NEW) Matchbox Space Explorer 3/5 Space Explorer Mission Ford Van
MB39 96326 Missile Transporter Matchbox Space Explorer 4/5 1435604570
MB40 96327 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Matchbox Space Explorer 5/5 Space Shot Mercedes Benz G Wagon
MB41 96328 Car Carrier (NEW) Matchbox Show Cars 1/5 Show Cars Matchbox Classic-Car Carrier yellow
MB42 96329 VW Concept 1 Matchbox Show Cars 2/5 Show Cars VW Concept 1
MB43 96330 Dodge Viper RT/10 Matchbox Show Cars 3/5 Dodge Viper RT10 red
MB44 96331 Audi TT (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Matchbox Show Cars 4/5 Audi TT Coupe blue
MB45 96332 Porsche 911 GT1 Matchbox Show Cars 5/5 Show Cars Porsche 911 GT1
MB46 96333 Mercedes-Benz Trac 1600 Turbo Matchbox Farming 1/5 Farming Mercedes-Benz Trac 1600 turbo
MB47 96334 Combine Harvester Matchbox Farming 2/5 Farming Combine Harvester
MB48 96335 Delivery Truck Matchbox Farming 3/5 Farming Delivery Truck red
MB49 96336 Horse Box Matchbox Farming 4/5 Farming Horse Box
MB50 96337 Cattle Truck Matchbox Farming 5/5 Farming Cattle Truck
MB51 96344 M4A3 Sherman Tank Matchbox Military 1/5 M4A3 SHERMAN TANK
MB52 96345 Missile Launcher Matchbox Military 2/5 Military Missle Launcher
MB53 96346 Humvee Matchbox Military 3/5 Military Humvee tan
MB54 96347 Ford Expedition Matchbox Military 4/5 Military Ford Expedition
MB-54 Ford Expedition
MB55 96348 Amphibious Personnel Carrier (NEW) Matchbox Military 5/5 Military Amphibious Personnel Carrier flat green
MB56 96349 Texaco 1956 Ford Pickup Matchbox Speedy Delivery 1/5 100 1609
MB57 96350 VW Transporter Matchbox Speedy Delivery 2/5 Speedy Delivery VW Transporter
MB58 96351 International Armored Car (NEW) Matchbox Speedy Delivery 3/5 Speedy Delivery International Armored Car white
MB59 96352 FedEx Delivery Truck Matchbox Speedy Delivery 4/5 Speedy Delivery FedEx Delivery Truck white
MB60 96353 1970 El Camino Matchbox Speedy Delivery 5/5 Speedy Delivery 1970 El Camino
MB61 96354 Truck Camper Matchbox Great Outdoors 1/5 Great Outdoors Truck Camper
MB62 96355 Pop Up Camper (NEW) Matchbox Great Outdoors 2/5 Great Outdoors Pop Up Camper
MB63 96356 4-Wheeler Matchbox Great Outdoors 3/5 Great Outdoors 4-Wheeler red
MB64 96357 Land Rover Freelander Matchbox Great Outdoors 4/5 Great Outdoors Land Rover Freelander blue
MB65 96358 Jeep Grand Cherokee (NEW) Matchbox Great Outdoors 5/5 Great Outdoors Jeep Grand Cherokee silver
MB66 96359 Mission Chopper Matchbox Air Travel 1/5 Air Travel Mission Chopper purple and teal
MB67 96362 Sea Rescue Plane Matchbox Air Travel 2/5 Air Travel Sea Rescue Plane red and white
MB68 96363 Air-Lift Helicopter (NEW) Matchbox Air Travel 3/5 Airlift Helicopter
MB69 96364 Plane Transporter Matchbox Air Travel 4/5 Air Travel Plane Trasnporter black
MB70 96365 Aero Junior Matchbox Air Travel 5/5 Air Travel Aero Junior blue
MB71 96366 Chevy Blazer Matchbox On Tour 1/5 On Tour Chevy Blazer
MB72 96367 1967 VW Delivery Van (NEW) Matchbox On Tour 2/5 On Tour 1967 VW Delivery Van steel blue
MB73 96368 Chevy Transport Bus Matchbox On Tour 3/5 0073ChevyBus
MB74 96369 London Bus (reissue) Matchbox On Tour 4/5 On Tour London Bus
MB75 96370 Golf Cart (NEW) Matchbox On Tour 5/5 On Tour Golf Cart gray
MB76 96371 Snowmobile Matchbox Snow Explorer 1/5 Snowmobile Snow Explorer
MB77 96372 Mercedes-Benz ML430 (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Matchbox Snow Explorer 2/5 Mercedes Benz ML430
MB78 96373 Snow Groomer Matchbox Snow Explorer 3/5 Snow Explorer Snow Groomer silver
MB79 96374 Highway Maintenance Truck Matchbox Snow Explorer 4/5 Highway Maintenance Truck Yellow
MB80 96375 Chevrolet Suburban(NEW) Matchbox Snow Explorer 5/5 Snow Explorer Chevy Suburban white
MB81 96376 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible (NEW) Matchbox Worldwide Wheels 1/5 2000-Concept1BeetleConvertible
MB82 96377 Ferrari 456 GT Matchbox Worldwide Wheels 2/5
MB-82 Ferrari 456GT
MB83 96378 BMW 3 Series Coupe (NEW) Matchbox Worldwide Wheels 3/5
MB-83 BMW 3 Series Coupe
MB84 96379 Ford Focus (NEW) Matchbox Worldwide Wheels 4/5 0084Focus
MB85 96381 Chevy Corvette Matchbox Worldwide Wheels 5/5 Chevy Corvette red
MB86 96382 Ford Crown Victoria Matchbox Police Patrol 1/5
MB-86 Ford Crown Victoria Police
MB87 96383 Ford Ambulance Matchbox Police Patrol 2/5
MB-87 Ford Ambulance
MB88 96384 GMC Tow Truck Matchbox Police Patrol 3/5
MB-88 GMC Wreck Truck
MB89 96385 Camaro Police Car Matchbox Police Patrol 4/5 CAMARO MB 98
MB90 96386 Battering Ram (NEW) Matchbox Police Patrol 5/5 Police Patrol Battering Ram blue
MB91 96387 Ford Dump/Utility Truck (NEW) Matchbox Build It 1/5 Build It Ford Dump Utility Truck
MB92 96388 Excavator Matchbox Build It 2/5
MB-92 Dirt Digger
MB93 96389 Cement Truck Matchbox Build It 3/5
MB-93 Cement Mixer
MB94 96390 Shovel-Nose Tractor Matchbox Build It 4/5
MB-94 Shovel Nose Tractor
MB95 96391 Earth Mover Matchbox Build It 5/5
MB-95 Faun Dump Truck
MB96 96392 Street Cleaner (NEW) Matchbox On The Road Again 1/5 On The Road Again Street Cleaner beige
MB97 96393 Postal Service Delivery Truck (NEW) Matchbox On The Road Again 2/5 On The Road Again Postal Service Delivery Truck white
MB98 96394 TV News Truck Matchbox On The Road Again 3/5 Tv News MB
MB99 96395 GMC Bucket Truck (NEW) Matchbox On The Road Again 4/5 On The Road Again GMC Bucket Truck
MB100 96396 Isuzu Rodeo Matchbox On The Road Again 5/5
MB-100 Isuzu Rodeo

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