1-100 range - Core / USA / ROWEdit

There were 100 models in the USA 1-100 range, many of which were also offered in the ROW range.[1]

The first 10,000 run of each casting has the "Matchbox 2000" logo stamped somewhere on the vehicle.

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB01 (Core) 96003 Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Mercedes-Benz Open Road 1/5 Open Road Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible
MB02 (USA) 96004 1998 Camaro SS Convertible (NEW) Chevrolet Open Road 2/5 Open Road Camaro Convertible
MB03 (USA) 96006 1999 Mustang Convertible Ford Open Road 3/5 Open Road Mustang Convertible
MB04 (USA) 96007 Plymouth Prowler Plymouth Open Road 4/5 Open Road Plymouth Prowler
MB05 (Core) 96008 Porsche Boxster Porsche Open Road 5/5 Open Road Porsche Boxster
MB06 (Core) 96009 Submersible Generic Ocean Explorer 1/5 Submersible green
MB07 (Core) 96011 Rescue Chopper Generic Ocean Explorer 2/5 Copter
MB08 (Core) 96012 Watercraft with Trailer Generic Ocean Explorer 3/5 Wave King white
MB09 (Core) 96013 1998 Jeep Wrangler Jeep Ocean Explorer 4/5 1998 Jeep Wrangler blue
MB10 (Core) 96014 Hydroplane Generic Ocean Explorer 5/5 Hydroplane blue
MB11 (USA) 96084 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pickup Chevrolet To The Beach 1/5 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pickup
MB12 (USA) 96085 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen To The Beach 2/5 To The Beach 1962 Volkswagen Beetle
MB13 (USA) 96086 Dirt Bike Generic To The Beach 3/5 To The Beach Dirt Bike
MB14 (USA) 96087 Ford F-150 4x4 Ford To The Beach 4/5 Ford F150 4x4
MB15 (USA) 96088 Dune Buggy Generic To The Beach 5/5 Dune Buggy To The Beach
MB16 (USA) 96089 1957 Thunderbird Ford Great Drivers 1/5 Great Drivers 1957 Thunderbird
MB17 (USA) 96090 1999 Mustang Hardtop (NEW) Ford Great Drivers 2/5 Great Drivers 1999 Mustang Hardtop
MB18 (USA) 96091 1971 Camaro Z-28 Chevrolet Great Drivers 3/5 1971 Camaro Z28 gold
MB19 (USA) 96092 Viper GTS Dodge Great Drivers 4/5 Dodge Viper GTS
MB20 (USA) 96039 1933 Ford Coupe Ford Great Drivers 5/5 1933 Ford Coupe purple
MB21 (USA)
MB16 (ROW)
96312 Ferrari F50 Ferrari Italian Stars 1/5 Italian Stars Ferrari F50
MB22 (USA)
MB17 (ROW)
96313 Lamborghini Diablo Lamborghini Italian Stars 2/5 Italian Stars Lamborghini Diablo
MB23 (USA)
MB18 (ROW)
96314 Ferrari F40 Ferrari Italian Stars 3/5 Ferrari F40 red
MB24 (USA)
MB19 (ROW)
96315 Lamborghini Countach Lamborghini Italian Stars 4/5 Italian Stars Lamborghini Countach
MB25 (USA)
MB20 (ROW)
96316 Ferrari Testarossa Ferrari Italian Stars 5/5 Italian Stars Ferrari Testarossa
MB26 (USA) 96338 Sea Rescue Boat Generic Fire Fighters 1/5 Fire Fighters Sea Rescue Boat gold
MB27 (USA) 96339 Snorkel Fire Truck Generic Fire Fighters 2/5 Snorkel Fire Truck
MB28 (USA) 96341 Chevy Tahoe Fire Chief Chevrolet Fire Fighters 3/5 Fire Fighters Chevy Tahoe Fire Chief red
MB29 (USA) 96342 Airport Fire Truck Gloster Fire Fighters 4/5 Fire Fighters Airport Fire Truck
MB30 (USA) 96343 International Fire Pumper International Fire Fighters 5/5 Fire Fighters International Fire Pumper
MB31 (USA) 96317 Cleveland School Bus International Matchbox USA 1/5 School Bus Matchbox USA
MB32 (USA) 96318 Cleveland Fire Truck Oshkosh Matchbox USA 2/5 Matchbox USA Cleveland fire Truck
MB33 (USA) 96319 Cleveland Chevy Tahoe Chevrolet Matchbox USA 3/5 Matchbox USA Chevy Tahoe
MB34 (USA) 96321 Cleveland Police Impala (NEW) Chevrolet - Matchbox USA 4/5 Cleveland Police Impala
MB35 (USA) 96322 Cleveland Trash Truck Ford Matchbox USA 5/5 Cleveland Trash Truck
MB36 (USA)
MB21 (ROW)
96323 X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle (NEW) Lockheed Martin Space Explorer 1/5 Space Explorer X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle white
MB37 (USA)
MB22 (ROW)
96324 Mission Scissors Truck Ford Space Explorer 2/5 Space Explorer Mission Scissors Truck
MB38 (USA)
MB23 (ROW)
96325 Mission Ford Van (NEW) Ford Space Explorer 3/5 Space Explorer Mission Ford Van
MB39 (USA)
MB24 (ROW)
96326 Missile Transporter Generic Space Explorer 4/5 1435604570
MB40 (USA)
MB25 (ROW)
96327 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Mercedes-Benz Space Explorer 5/5 Space Shot Mercedes Benz G Wagon
MB41 (USA) 96328 Car Carrier (NEW) Isuzu Show Cars 1/5 Show Cars Matchbox Classic-Car Carrier yellow
MB42 (USA) 96329 VW Concept 1 Volkswagen Show Cars 2/5 Show Cars VW Concept 1
MB43 (USA) 96330 Dodge Viper RT/10 Dodge Show Cars 3/5 Dodge Viper RT10 red
MB44 (USA) 96331 Audi TT (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Audi Show Cars 4/5 Audi TT Coupe blue
MB45 (USA) 96332 Porsche 911 GT1 Porsche Show Cars 5/5 Show Cars Porsche 911 GT1
MB46 (USA)
MB26 (ROW)
96333 Mercedes-Benz Trac 1600 Turbo Mercedes-Benz Farming 1/5 Farming Mercedes-Benz Trac 1600 turbo
MB47 (USA)
MB27 (ROW)
96334 Combine Harvester Generic Farming 2/5 Farming Combine Harvester
MB48 (USA)
MB28 (ROW)
96335 Delivery Truck Isuzu Farming 3/5 Farming Delivery Truck red
MB49 (USA)
MB29 (ROW)
96336 Horse Box Bedford Farming 4/5 Farming Horse Box
MB50 (USA)
MB30 (ROW)
96337 Cattle Truck Dodge Farming 5/5 Farming Cattle Truck
MB51 (USA) 96344 M4A3 Sherman Tank M4 Military 1/5 M4A3 SHERMAN TANK
MB52 (USA) 96345 Missile Launcher Generic Military 2/5 Military Missle Launcher
MB53 (USA) 96346 Humvee Humvee Military 3/5 Military Humvee tan
MB54 (USA) 96347 Ford Expedition Ford Military 4/5 Military Ford ExpeditionMB-54 Ford Expedition
MB55 (USA) 96348 Amphibious Personnel Carrier (NEW) Generic Military 5/5 Military Amphibious Personnel Carrier flat green
MB56 (USA) 96349 Texaco 1956 Ford Pickup Ford Speedy Delivery 1/5 100 1609
MB57 (USA) 96350 VW Transporter Volkswagen Speedy Delivery 2/5 Speedy Delivery VW Transporter
MB58 (USA) 96351 International Armored Car (NEW) International Speedy Delivery 3/5 Speedy Delivery International Armored Car white
MB59 (USA) 96352 FedEx Delivery Truck Ford Speedy Delivery 4/5 Speedy Delivery FedEx Delivery Truck white
MB60 (USA) 96353 1970 El Camino Chevrolet Speedy Delivery 5/5 Speedy Delivery 1970 El Camino
MB61 (USA)
MB41 (ROW)
96354 Truck Camper Generic Great Outdoors 1/5 Great Outdoors Truck Camper
MB62 (USA)
MB42 (ROW)
96355 Pop Up Camper (NEW) Generic Great Outdoors 2/5 Great Outdoors Pop Up Camper
MB63 (USA)
MB42 (ROW)
96356 4-Wheeler Generic Great Outdoors 3/5 Great Outdoors 4-Wheeler red
MB64 (USA)
MB44 (ROW)
96357 Land Rover Freelander Land Rover Great Outdoors 4/5 Great Outdoors Land Rover Freelander blue
MB65 (USA)
MB45 (ROW)
96358 Jeep Grand Cherokee (NEW) Jeep Great Outdoors 5/5 Great Outdoors Jeep Grand Cherokee silver
MB66 (USA)
MB46 (ROW)
96359 Mission Chopper Generic Air Travel 1/5 Air Travel Mission Chopper purple and teal
MB67 (USA)
MB47 (ROW)
96362 Sea Rescue Plane Generic Air Travel 2/5 Air Travel Sea Rescue Plane red and white
MB68 (USA)
MB48 (ROW)
96363 Air-Lift Helicopter (NEW) Generic Air Travel 3/5 Airlift Helicopter
MB69 (Core) 96364 Plane Transporter Generic Air Travel 4/5 Air Travel Plane Trasnporter black
MB70 (USA)
MB50 (ROW)
96365 Aero Junior Generic Air Travel 5/5 Air Travel Aero Junior blue
MB71 (USA)
MB51 (ROW)
96366 Chevy Blazer Chevrolet On Tour 1/5 On Tour Chevy Blazer
MB72 (USA)
MB52 (ROW)
96367 1967 VW Delivery Van (NEW) Volkswagen On Tour 2/5 On Tour 1967 VW Delivery Van steel blue
MB73 (USA)
MB53 (ROW)
96368 Chevy Transport Bus Chevrolet On Tour 3/5 0073ChevyBus
MB74 (USA)
MB54 (ROW)
96369 London Bus (reissue) Leyland On Tour 4/5 On Tour London Bus
MB75 (USA)
MB55 (ROW)
96370 Golf Cart (NEW) Generic On Tour 5/5 On Tour Golf Cart gray
MB76 (USA)
MB56 (ROW)
96371 Snowmobile Generic Snow Explorer 1/5 Snowmobile Snow Explorer
MB77 (USA)
MB57 (ROW)
96372 Mercedes-Benz ML430 (USA: New; ROW: New in 1999) Mercedes-Benz Snow Explorer 2/5 Mercedes Benz ML430
MB78 (USA)
MB58 (ROW)
96373 Snow Groomer Generic Snow Explorer 3/5 Snow Explorer Snow Groomer silver
MB79 (USA)
MB59 (ROW)
96374 Highway Maintenance Truck Chevrolet Snow Explorer 4/5 Highway Maintenance Truck Yellow
MB80 (USA)
MB60 (ROW)
96375 Chevrolet Suburban (NEW) Chevrolet Snow Explorer 5/5 Snow Explorer Chevy Suburban white
MB81 (USA)
MB61 (ROW)
96376 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible (NEW) Volkswagen Worldwide Wheels 1/5 2000-Concept1BeetleConvertible
MB82 (USA)
MB62 (ROW)
96377 Ferrari 456 GT Ferrari Worldwide Wheels 2/5 MB-82 Ferrari 456GT
MB83 (USA)
MB63 (ROW)
96378 BMW 3 Series Coupe (NEW) BMW Worldwide Wheels 3/5 MB-83 BMW 3 Series Coupe
MB84 (USA)
MB64 (ROW)
96379 Ford Focus (NEW) Ford Worldwide Wheels 4/5 0084Focus
MB85 (USA)
MB65 (ROW)
96381 Chevy Corvette Chevrolet Worldwide Wheels 5/5 Chevy Corvette red
MB86 (USA) 96382 Ford Crown Victoria Ford Police Patrol 1/5 MB-86 Ford Crown Victoria Police
MB87 (USA) 96383 Ford Ambulance Ford Police Patrol 2/5 MB-87 Ford Ambulance
MB88 (USA) 96384 GMC Tow Truck GMC Police Patrol 3/5 MB-88 GMC Wreck Truck
MB89 (USA) 96385 Camaro Police Car Chevrolet Police Patrol 4/5 CAMARO MB 98
MB90 (USA) 96386 Battering Ram (NEW) Generic Police Patrol 5/5 Police Patrol Battering Ram blue
MB91 (USA)
MB71 (ROW)
96387 Ford Dump/Utility Truck (NEW) Ford Build It 1/5 Build It Ford Dump Utility Truck
MB92 (USA)
MB72 (ROW)
96388 Excavator Atlas Build It 2/5 MB-92 Dirt Digger
MB93 (USA)
MB73 (ROW)
96389 Cement Truck Peterbilt Build It 3/5 MB-93 Cement Mixer
MB94 (USA)
MB74 (ROW)
96390 Shovel-Nose Tractor Muir-Hill Build It 4/5 MB-94 Shovel Nose Tractor
MB95 (USA)
MB75 (ROW)
96391 Earth Mover Matchbox Build It 5/5 MB-95 Faun Dump Truck
MB96 (USA) 96392 Street Cleaner (NEW) Elgin On The Road Again 1/5 On The Road Again Street Cleaner beige
MB97 (USA) 96393 Postal Service Delivery Truck (NEW) Grumman On The Road Again 2/5 On The Road Again Postal Service Delivery Truck white
MB98 (USA) 96394 TV News Truck Mercedes-Benz On The Road Again 3/5 Tv News MB
MB99 (USA) 96395 GMC Bucket Truck (NEW) GMC On The Road Again 4/5 On The Road Again GMC Bucket Truck
MB100 (USA) 96396 Isuzu Rodeo Isuzu On The Road Again 5/5 MB-100 Isuzu Rodeo

UK only 1-75 rangeEdit

There were ten exclusive models in the 2000 UK 1-75 range.[1]

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB11 Carbodies Taxi FX4R Carbodies Series 3 Union Jack Black
MB12 Jaguar XJ220 Jaguar Series 3 Union Jack Red
MB13 Ford Transit Ford Series 3 Union Jack Ford Transit (UK Edit)
MB14 Jaguar XJ6 Jaguar Series 3 Union Jack Blue
MB15 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Ford Series 3 Union Jack White
MB36 Land Rover Ninety Land Rover Series 8 Rescue Land Rover D90 Met Police 20120720 JSCC
MB37 White Water Raft Boat Generic Series 8 Rescue White Water Raft Boat 2000 UK
MB38 Ford Ambulance Ford Series 8 Rescue Metropolitan Police Ambulance JSCC
MB39 Dennis Sabre Dennis Series 8 Rescue Dennis Sabre
MB40 Ford Transit Ford Series 8 Rescue Ford Transit Fire (2000 UK Edit))

Germany only 1-75 rangeEdit

There were twelve exclusive models in the 2000 German 1-75 range.[1]

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB11 BMW 328i BMW Series 3 Notfall BMW328iFAOSchwarzwhite
MB12 Ford Transit Ford Series 3 Notfall Notfall Team Feuerwehr Spezialeinheit
MB13 Helicopter Generic Series 3 Notfall HelicopterFAOSchwarzyellow
MB14 Airport Fire Truck Gloster Series 3 Notfall Flughafen Flughafen Feuerwehr
MB15 Ford LTD Police Ford Series 3 Notfall Notfall Team Highway Police
MB36 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Porsche Series 8 City Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet 2000
MB37 Audi TT Roadster Audi Series 8 City City Fun Audi TT Roadster
MB38 Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon Mercedes-Benz Series 8 City MercedesBenzE430wagonFAOSchwarzwhite
MB39 TV News Truck Mercedes-Benz Series 8 City City Fun Super TRL TV Truck
MB40 Ford Transit Ford Series 8 City Ford Transit Cola (Germany)
MB69 Lotus Elise Lotus Series 14 Power Lotus Elise yellow
MB70 Toyota Supra Turbo Toyota Series 14 Power Power Toyota Supra black

Australian only 1-75 rangeEdit

There were eleven exclusive models in the 2000 Australian 1-75 range.[1]

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB11 Holden Commodore Holden Series 3 Australian Adventures
MB12 Ford Falcon Ford Series 3 Australian Adventures
MB13 1933 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Ford Series 3 Australian Adventures
MB14 FJ Holden Panel Van Holden Series 3 Australian Adventures FJ Holden Panel Van (2000)
MB15 1956 Ford Pick-up Ford Series 3 Australian Adventures Australian Adventure 1956 Ford Pickup
MB36 Jeep Cherokee Jeep Series 8 Outback Adventures
MB37 White Water Raft Boat Generic Series 8 Outback Adventures Rapids Raft blue and yellow
MB38 Dirt Bike Generic Series 8 Outback Adventures
MB39 Dune Buggy Generic Series 8 Outback Adventures
MB40 Isuzu Rodeo
("Vauxhall Frontera" in Aus. catalog)
Isuzu Series 8 Outback Adventures
MB61 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible Volkswagen Series 13 World Wide Wheels Extra Klasse Concept 1 Beetle Convertible

Rest of World only 1-75 rangeEdit

There were sixteen exclusive models in the 2000 Rest of World 1-75 range.[1]

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB02 Jaguar XK8 Jaguar Series 1 Open Road Open Road Jaguar XK8 Convertible
MB03 Open Road BMW Z-3 Roadster BMW Series 1 Open Road Open Road BMW Z3 Roadster
MB04 Open Road MGF 1.8i MG Series 1 Open Road Open Road MGF 1.8i
MB11 BMW 328i BMW Series 3 Police Patrol White & red
MB12 Land Rover Ninety Land Rover Series 3 Police Patrol Land Rover 90 yellow
MB13 Helicopter Generic Series 3 Police Patrol White & red
MB14 White Water Raft Boat Generic Series 3 Police Patrol Red, yellow & black
MB15 Dennis Sabre Dennis Series 3 Police Patrol Red
MB31 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Mercedes-Benz Series 7 German Classics Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2000
MB32 Mercedes-Benz S500 Mercedes-Benz Series 7 German Classics Mercedes-Benz S500 Black
MB33 Porsche 959 Porsche Series 7 German Classics Porsche 959 (RoW MB-33)
MB34 Volkswagen Concept 1 Volkswagen Series 7 German Classics Volkswagen Concept 1 2000 ROW
MB35 Porsche 911 GT1 Porsche Series 7 German Classics Porsche GTR1 (Blue)
MB66 Dodge Viper RT 10 Dodge Series 14 Power Dodge Viper RT10 red
MB67 Audi TT Audi Series 14 Power Audi TT Coupe blue
MB68 '99 Mustang Ford Series 14 Power Ford Mustang (RoW MB-68)


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