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USA 1-100

List of 1999 MatchboxEdit

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB01 36415 School Bus Matchbox Matchbox USA (Ridge, NY) 1/5
MB02 36416 LTD Police Car Matchbox Matchbox USA (Ridge, NY) 2/5
MB03 36417 Refuse Truck Matchbox Matchbox USA (Ridge, NY) 3/5
MB04 36418 Snorkel Fire Truck Matchbox Matchbox USA (Ridge, NY) 4/5
MB05 36419 Ford Ambulance Matchbox Matchbox USA (Ridge, NY) 5/5 Ford Ambulance blue
MB06 36435 Helicopter Matchbox Air Traffic 1/5 Flughafen Helicopter
MB07 36436 Scissors Truck (NEW) Matchbox Air Traffic 2/5 Scssors Truck
MB08 36437 Airport Fire Truck Matchbox Air Traffic 3/5 MB-8 Airport Fire Truck
MB09 36438 Ford LTD Taxi Matchbox Air Traffic 4/5 Ford LTD Airport taxi 20120611 JSCC
MB10 36439 Plane Transporter Matchbox Air Traffic 5/5 Plane Transporter 1999
MB11 36420 Highway Maintenance Matchbox Highway Haulers 1/5
1999 -11
MB12 36421 Peterbilt Tanker Matchbox Highway Haulers 2/5
MB13 36422 Kenworth T-2000 (NEW) Matchbox Highway Haulers 3/5 MBX Kenworth T2000
MB14 36423 GMC Wrecker Matchbox Highway Haulers 4/5 GMC red
MB15 36424 Utility Truck Matchbox Highway Haulers 5/5
MB16 36560 Lamborghini Countach Matchbox Top Class 1/5 Traum Autos Lamborghini Countach
MB17 36561 Porsche 959 Matchbox Top Class 2/5 MBX Porsche 959
MB18 36562 VW Concept 1 Matchbox Top Class 3/5 MB-18 VW Concept 1
MB19 36563 Ferrari F40 Matchbox Top Class 4/5 Super Stars Ferrari F40
MB20 36564 Mazda RX-7 Matchbox Top Class 5/5
MB21 36455 ’56 Ford Pickup Matchbox Speedy Delivery 1/5 Ford PickUp
MB22 36456 Volvo Container Truck Matchbox Speedy Delivery 2/5 MB-22 Volvo Container Truck
MB23 36457 Ford Box Van (NEW) Matchbox Speedy Delivery 3/5 Ford FEDEX
MB24 36458 Chevy Transport Bus (NEW) Matchbox Speedy Delivery 4/5 MBX Chevy Transport Bus
MB25 36459 Ford Bronco II Matchbox Speedy Delivery 5/5 MB-25 Ford Bronco II
MB26 36430 Cement Truck Matchbox Road Work 1/5 Road Work Cement Truck pink
MB27 36431 Earth Mover Matchbox Road Work 2/5 RoadWorkEarthMoverwhiteandgreen
MB28 36432 Shovel-Nose Tractor Matchbox Road Work 3/5 MB-28 Tractor Shovel
MB29 36433 Road Roller Matchbox Road Work 4/5 MB-29 Road Roller
MB30 36434 Excavator Matchbox Road Work 5/5 MB-30 Excavator
MB31 36495 Mission Chopper Matchbox Law & Order 1/5 MB-31 Mission Chopper
MB32 36496 Chevy Blazer Matchbox Law & Order 2/5 LawandOrderChevyBlazerwhite
MB33 36497 Crown Victoria Police Car Matchbox Law & Order 3/5 FordCrownVictoriaindigo
MB34 36498 Ambulance (1977) (Chevy Ambulance on card) Matchbox Law & Order 4/5 Law & Order Chevy Ambulance
MB35 36499 Police Motorcycle (NEW) Matchbox Law & Order 4/5 Law & Order Police Motorcycle
MB36 36425 '99 Ford Mustang Convertible (NEW) Matchbox Car Shows 1/5 CarShows99Mustangwhite
MB37 36426 Dodge Viper RT/10 Matchbox Car Shows 2/5 Car Shows Dodge Viper RT10
MB38 36427 Corvette Coupe Matchbox Car Shows 3/5 Super Stars Corvette
MB39 36445 Chrysler Atlantic Matchbox Car Shows 4/5 ChryslerAtlantic1999metallicgold
MB40 36429 Dodge Concept Car (NEW) Matchbox Car Shows 5/5 MB-40 Dodge Concept
MB41 36250 Ski Boat (NEW) Matchbox Ocean 1/5 Wave Buggy
MB42 36251 Sea Plane (NEW) Matchbox Ocean 2/5 Water Wings
MB43 36252 Sea Rescue Boat (NEW) Matchbox Ocean 3/5 Beach Patrol white
MB44 36253 Hydroplane (NEW) Matchbox Ocean 4/5 Wasser Profis Jet Boot
MB45 36254 Submersible (NEW) Matchbox Ocean 5/5 Deep Diver
MB46 36440 ’55 Chevy Convertible (NEW) Matchbox Drop Tops 1/5 1955ChevyBelAirseablue
MB47 36441 57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible Matchbox Drop Tops 2/5 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible
MB48 36442 Jaguar XK8 Convertible Matchbox Drop Tops 3/5 Jaguar XK8 Roadster green
MB49 36443 Mitsubishi Spyder Matchbox Drop Tops 4/5 Mitsubishi Spyder
MB50 36444 BMW Z3 Roadster Matchbox Drop Tops 5/5 BMW Z3 Roadster red
MB51 36449 Watercraft With Trailer (NEW) Matchbox Beach 1/5 Wave King
MB52 36447 Caravan Trailer Matchbox Beach 2/5 Camper white
MB53 36446 ’62 VW Beetle (NEW) Matchbox Beach 3/5 VW Beetle
MB54 36448 Isuzu Amigo Matchbox Beach 4/5 Isuzu Amigo white
MB55 36428 Porsche Boxster (NEW) Matchbox Beach 5/5 Porsche Boxster silver
MB56 36255 Mercedes A-Class (NEW) Matchbox Wilderness Adventure 1/5 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
MB57 36256 Snow Groomer (NEW) Matchbox Wilderness Adventure 2/5 Snow Groomer
MB58 36257 Truck Camper (NEW) Matchbox Wilderness Adventure 3/5 Camper
MB59 36258 White-Water Raft/Boat (NEW) Matchbox Wilderness Adventure 4/5 Rapids raft box
MB60 36259 Rescue Chopper (NEW) Matchbox Wilderness Adventure 5/5 Copter white
MB61 36565 UFO (NEW) Matchbox Science Fiction 1/5 UFO MB 61
MB62 36566 TV News Truck Matchbox Science Fiction 2/5 TV Van
MB63 36567 Rocket Transporter Matchbox Science Fiction 3/5 Space Transporter green
MB64 36568 ’67 VW Transporter (NEW) Matchbox Science Fiction 4/5 ´67 VW Transporter MB 64
MB65 36569 Mercedes E-Class Matchbox Science Fiction 5/5 Mercedes-Benz E-Class MB 65
MB66 36480 Land Rover Freelander (NEW) Matchbox Ranger Patrol 1/5 Land Rover Freelander silver
MB67 36481 Ford Expedition (NEW) Matchbox Ranger Patrol 2/5 Ford Expedition yellow
MB68 36482 ’98 Jeep Wrangler (NEW) Matchbox Ranger Patrol 3/5 1998 Jeep Wrangler
MB69 36483 ’97 Ford F-150 Matchbox Ranger Patrol 4/5 RangerPatrolF150darkblue
MB70 36484 ’99 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup 4X4 (NEW) Matchbox Ranger Patrol 5/5 1999mb704x4silveradous
MB71 36489 ’70 Pontiac GTO Matchbox Classics 1/5 Pontiac GTO 1999
MB72 36486 ’65 Mustang Fastback (reissue) Matchbox Classics 2/5 Classics65Mustangwhite
MB73 36487 ’55 Chevy Hardtop (NEW) Matchbox Classics 3/5 Classics 55 Chevy Hardtop blue
MB74 36488 ’70 El Camino Matchbox Classics 4/5 70 El Camino
MB75 36485 ’57 Corvette Hardtop (NEW) Matchbox Classics 5/5 1957 corvette red
MB76 36490 International Pumper (NEW) Matchbox Fire Rescue 1/5 MB-76 Fire Pumper
MB77 36491 Mack Auxiliary-Power Truck Matchbox Fire Rescue 2/5 Mack Truck
MB78 36492 Chevy Tahoe Police Matchbox Fire Rescue 3/5 MB-78 Chevy Tahoe
MB79 36493 Extending-Ladder Fire Truck Matchbox Fire Rescue 4/5 Flame Chaser yellow
MB80 36494 Police Launch Boat (reissue) Matchbox Fire Rescue 5/5 Police
MB81 36454 Humvee Matchbox Military Patrol 1/5 Military Patrol Humvee
MB82 36451 Missle Launcher (NEW) Matchbox Military Patrol 2/5 Missile Launcher
MB83 36452 M2 Bradley Tank (NEW) Matchbox Military Patrol 3/5 MB-83 M2 Bradley Tank
MB84 36453 M1 A1 Abrams Tank Matchbox Military Patrol 4/5 M4 A3 Abrams Tank
MB85 36450 M4 A3 Sherman Tank (NEW) Matchbox Military Patrol 5/5 M4 A3 Sherman Tank
MB86 36260 ’99 Chevy Silverado Pickup (NEW) Matchbox Farm 1/5 Farm 99 Chevy Silverado Pickup
MB87 36295 Bedford Horse Box (reissue) Matchbox Farm 2/5 Farm Horse Box turquoise
MB88 36292 Dodge Cattle Truck (reissue) Matchbox Farm 3/5 Auf Dem Land Vieh Transporter
MB89 36293 Combine Harvester (reissue) Matchbox Farm 4/5 Grain Grabber blue
MB90 36294 Mercedes Trac 1600 Turbo Matchbox Farm 5/5 Mercedes-Benz Trac 1600 Turbo blue
MB91 36265 4-Wheeler (NEW) Matchbox Mountain Cruisers 1/5 4x4 Off-Road Machine
MB92 36266 Dune Buggy (NEW) Matchbox Mountain Cruisers 2/5 Sand Speeder
MB93 36267 Dirt Bike (NEW) Matchbox Mountain Cruisers 3/5 Off-Road Bike
MB94 36268 Snowmobile (NEW) Matchbox Mountain Cruisers 4/5 Snowmobile
MB95 36269 Aero Junior (NEW) Matchbox Mountain Cruisers 5/5 Aero Junior
MB96 36270 Chevy Van Snack Truck (Originally planned: Ice Cream Truck from 1998 Sound Effects) Matchbox At Your Service 1/5 At Your Service Chevy Van Snack Truck
MB97 36271 Jeep Cherokee (Originally planned: Ford F-350 Fire Truck from 1998 Sound Effects) Matchbox At Your Service 2/5
MB98 36272 Camaro Police Car (Originally planned: Trash Truck from 1998 Sound Effects) Matchbox At Your Service 3/5 Camaropolicecar
MB99 36273 Chevy Tahoe Matchbox At Your Service 4/5 Chevy Tahoe
MB100 36274 Chevy K-1500 Pickup Matchbox At Your Service 5/5 Chevy K-1500 Pickup
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