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USA 1-75

List of 1995 MatchboxEdit

Model # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB01 MB001 Dodge Challenger Matchbox
MB02 MB200 Corvette Grand Sport Matchbox Corvette Grand Sport-1997
MB03 MB256 Hummer Matchbox Hummer-1995
MB04 MB004 '57 Chevrolet Matchbox
MB05 MB005 Jeep CJ Matchbox
MB06 MB032 Excavator Matchbox Excavator 1997
MB07 MB212 T-Bird Stock Car Matchbox
MB08 MB251 Mazda RX-7 Matchbox
MB09 MB209 Earth Mover Matchbox Earth Mover-1995
MB10 MB260 Dodge Viper RT/10 Matchbox Dodge Viper RT10-1996
MB11 MB122 IMSA Mustang Matchbox
MB12 MB279 Audi Avus Matchbox NEW Audi Avus-1996
MB13 MB063 Dunes Racer Matchbox
MB14 MB204 87 Corvette Matchbox
MB15 MB257 Mustang Mach III Matchbox Mustang Mach III
MB16 MB184 Ford Police Car Matchbox
MB17 MB263 Ferrari 456 GT Matchbox
MB18 MB134 Fire Truck Matchbox
MB19 MB019 Cement Truck Matchbox
MB20 MB095 Jeep Wrangler Matchbox
MB21 MB188 GMC Wrecker Matchbox GMC Wrecker-1996
MB22 MB232 Lamborghini Diablo Matchbox Lamborghini Diablo Blue
MB23 MB148 Volvo Container Truck Matchbox Volvo Container Truck-1996
MB24 MB207 Ferrari F40 Matchbox
MB25 MB041 Ambulance Matchbox
MB26 MB102 Chevy Van Matchbox Chevy Van 4x4 -1995
MB27 MB259 Tailgator Matchbox Tailgator -1995
MB28 MB270 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder Matchbox NEW Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder MB28-L1
MB29 MB029 Shovel Nose Tractor Matchbox
MB30 MB271 Toyota Supra Matchbox NEW Toyota Supra-1995
MB31 MB239 Jaguar XJ-220 Matchbox
MB32 MB094 1962 Corvette Matchbox Corvette '62
MB33 MB211 Utility Truck Matchbox
MB34 Plymouth Prowler Matchbox NEW
MB35 MB216 Pontiac Grand Prix Matchbox
MB36 MB036 Refuse Truck Matchbox Refuse Truck-1995
MB37 MB131 Jeep 4X4 Matchbox
MB38 MB255 Corvette Stingray III Matchbox Corvette Sting Ray III - 1996
MB39 MB187 Ford Bronco II Matchbox
MB40 MB272 Ford Mondeo Matchbox NEW Ford Mondeo Ghia 1995
MB41 MB082 Cosmic Blues Matchbox
MB42 MB140 Mobile Crane Matchbox
MB43 Camaro Z-28 Matchbox
MB44 MB250 Ford Probe GT Matchbox Ford Probe GT-1995
MB45 MB222 Highway Maintenance Truck Matchbox Maintenance Truck - 1996
MB46 MB153 Military Chopper Matchbox
MB47 MB157 School Bus Matchbox
MB48 MB155 Pontiac Firebird Racer Matchbox
MB49 MB240 BMW 850i Matchbox
MB50 MB129 Chevy Blazer Matchbox
MB51 MB173 Porsche 959 Matchbox Porsche 959-orange
MB52 MB252 Escort Cosworth Matchbox Ford Escort Cosworth RS
MB53 MB258 Rhino Rod Matchbox Rhino Rod-1995
MB54 MB274 Abrams M1 Tank Matchbox NEW Abrams M1 Tank-1995
MB55 MB053 Flareside Pickup Matchbox
MB56 MB273 Isuzu Rodeo Matchbox NEW
MB57 MB229 Auxilliary Power Truck Matchbox Auxiliary Power Truck-1995
MB58 MB097 Corvette T-Roof Matchbox
MB59 MB254 Camaro Z28 Police Matchbox NEW
MB60 MB145 NASA Rocket Transporter Matchbox Rocket Transporter - 1996
MB61 MB219 Nissan 300ZX Matchbox
MB62 MB210 Oldsmobile Aerotech Matchbox Oldsmobile Aerotech-1995
MB63 MB111 Snorkel Fire Truck Matchbox
MB64 MB064 Bulldozer Matchbox Bulldozer-1995
MB65 MB248 Ford F-150 4x4 Matchbox NEW Ford F150 Pick-up-1996
MB66 MB130 Sauber Racer Matchbox 00434
MB67 MB154 Lamborghini Countach Matchbox
MB68 MB278 Stinger Matchbox NEW Stinger - 1997
MB69 MB108 Willys Street Rod Matchbox
MB70 MB773 Military Tank Matchbox NEW Weasel (1993-1995)
MB71 MB277 Mustang Cobra Matchbox NEW
MB72 MB189 Cadillac Allante Matchbox
MB73 MB275 Rotwheeler Matchbox NEW Rotwheeler - 1996
MB74 MB203 Grand Prix Racing Car Matchbox
MB75 MB172 Ferrari Testarossa Matchbox
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