Series 1-75Edit

Series 1-75 models were, with a few exceptions, issued with Superfast Wheels.

Model No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Special Features Color Photo
1 Dodge Challenger 1976 Dodge Red 7601 Dodge Challenger R
2 Hovercraft 1976 Generic Light green 7602 Hovercraft
3 Monteverdi Hai 1973 Monteverdi Opening doors Orange 7303 Monteverdi Hai
4 Pontiac Firebird 1975 Pontiac Blue 7504 Pontiac Firebird
5 Seafire 1975 Generic White & blue 7505 Seafire Boat
6 Mercedes Tourer 1974 Mercedes-Benz Yellow w/Black top 7606 Mercedes-Benz 350 SL
7 V.W. Golf 1976 Volkswagen removable surf boards Green 7607 V.W. Golf R
8 De Tomaso Pantera 1975 De Tomaso White 7508 De Tomaso Pantera
9 AMX Javelin 1972 AMC Opening doors Light green 7209 AMX Javelin R
10 Piston Popper 1973 Ford Rolamatic - pistons move up and down Blue 7310 Piston Popper R
11 Flying Bug 1972 Volkswagen Red 11b
12 Big Bull 1975 Generic Tow hook Orange and Green Big Bull Black Tread 20120602 JSCC
13 Snorkel (1977) 1977 GMC Boom elevates & rotates Red with yellow boom 7713 Snorkel Fire Engine L
14 Mini Ha Ha 1975 Mini Red 7514 Mini Ha Ha R
15 Fork Lift Truck 1972 Lansing Bagnell Fork can be raised Red 7215 Fork lift Truck R
16 Badger 1974 Generic Rolamatic - radar dish spins Bronze 7416 Badger
17 The Londoner 1972 Daimler Red 7217 The Londoner L
18 Hondarora 1975 Honda Handle bars pivot Red 18b
19 Cement Truck 1976 Generic Mixing drum spins and tips Red 7619 Cement Truck
20 Police Patrol 1975 Range Rover Rolamatic - light bubble spins when rolled White 20b1
21 Rod Roller 1973 Generic Front roller steers with steering stick Yellow 7321 Rod Roller
22 Blaze Buster 1975 Generic Red 7522 Blaze Buster ChrtL
23 Atlas 1975 Generic Blue 7522 Atlas R
24 Team "MATCHBOX" 1973 Generic Dark red 7324 Team Matchbox
25 Mod Tractor 1972 Generic Tow hook Pink 7225 Mod Tractor
26 Site Dumper 1976 Generic Bed dumps Yellow DSC06339
27 Lamborghini Countach 1973 Lamborghini Engine cover opens Red Count3
28 Stoat 1974 Generic Rolamatic - soldier spins Metalflake Gold 7428 Stoat R
29 Tractor Shovel 1976 Muir-Hill Bucket can be raised Yellow with red bucket 7629 Tractor Shovel
30 Swamp Rat 1976 Generic Propeller spins, soldier rotates Olive green 7630 Swamp Rat
31 Volks-Dragon 1971 Volkswagen Red 31b
32 Maserati Bora 1972 Maserati Opening doors Pink MATCHBOX-LESNEY SUPERFAST -32 MASERATI BORA 1972 ENGLAND (2)
33 Datsun 126X 1973 Datsun Opening engine cover Yellow 33b8
34 Vantastic 1975 Ford Orange 7534 Vantastic R
35 Fandango 1975 Generic Rolamatic - fan spins White 7735 Fandango
36 Formula 5000 1975 Generic Orange 36c
37 Skip Truck 1976 Generic Dumpster unloads with pivoting arms Red 7637 Skip Truck R
38 Armoured Jeep 1976 Jeep Gun rotates Olive green Armoured Jeep (MB38)
39 Clipper 1973 Generic Rolamatic - exhaust tips move up and down Pink 7339 Clipper R
40 Vauxhall Guildsman 1971 Vauxhall 40a7
41 Siva Spyder 1972 Siva Blue Spider10
42 Tyre Fryer 1972 Generic Blue Tyre1
43 Dragon Wheels 1972 Volkswagen Body lifts up Light green 7243 Dragon Wheels R
44 Boss Mustang 1972 Ford Opening hood Yellow with black hood 7244 Boss Mustang R
45 B.M.W. 3.0 1976 B.M.W. Opening doors Orange 7645 BMW 3.0 CSL R
46 Stretcha Fetcha 1972 Generic Opening rear door White 7746 Stretcha Fetcha
47 Beach Hopper 1974 Generic Rolamatic - driver bounces Blue 7447 Beach Hopper
48 Sambron Jacklift 1977 Sambron Yellow Sambron Jacklift 20120618 JSCC
49 Crane Truck 1976 Generic Crane cab & boom rotates, boom raises and extends Yellow Crane Truck 20120602 JSCC
50 Articulated Truck 1973 Generic Pivoting removable trailer Yellow cab with light blue trailer 7350 Articulated Truck
51 Citroen S.M. 1972 Citroen Opening doors Blue & red Citroen sm-1976
52 Police Launch 1976 Generic White with blue hull 7552 Police Launch
53 Tanzara 1972 Leyland White 53b (1)
54 Personnel Carrier 1976 Generic Gun rotates Olive green 7654 Personnel Carrier
55 Hellraiser 1975 Generic White 7555 Hellraiser L
56 Hi-Tailer 1974 Generic White 7456 Hi-Tailer
57 Wildlife Truck 1973 Ford Rolamatic - lion in back spins Yellow 7357 Wild Life Truck
58 Faun Dump Truck 1976 Faun Tipping dump bed Yellow Faun Dump 20120602 JSCC
59 Planet Scout 1975 Generic Green 7559 Planet Scout
60 Lotus Super Seven 1971 Lotus Yellow 60b
61 Blue Shark 1971 Generic Blue 7161 Blue Shark
62 Renault 17TL 1974 Renault Doors open Red 7462 Renault 17TL R
63 Freeway Gas Tanker 1973 Generic Pivoting removable trailer Red with white plastic trailer 7363 Freeway Gas Tanker 2
64 Fire Chief Car 1976 Generic Red 7664 Fire Chief
65 Saab Sonnet 1973 Saab Rear hatch opens Blue 7365 Saab Sonett
66 Mazda RX 500 1972 Mazda Engine cover opens Red MATCHBOX-LESNEY SUPERFAST -66 MAZDA RX 500 1971 ENGLAND (2)
67 Hot Rocker 1973 Ford Rolamatic - engine rocks Red Hotrock1
68 Cosmobile 1975 Generic Blue 7568 Cosmobile R
69 Turbo Fury 1973 Generic Rolamatic - Rear fans rotate Dark red 7369 Turbo Fury
70 S.P. Gun 1976 Generic Rolamatic - gun recoils Olive green SP Gun L
71 Cattle Truck 1976 Dodge Two removable black bulls Orange & yellow Cattle Truck 77
72 Hovercraft SRN 6 1972 Saunders-Roe White 7272 SRN6 Hovercraft
73 Weasel 1974 Generic Light Green 7473 Weasel
74 Toe Joe 1972 Generic Pivoting booms & hooks Light green 7274Toe Joe
75 Seasprite Helicopter 1977 Kaman Main rotar rotates White 7775 Seasprite Helicopter R

Super KingsEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo
K-1 O&K Excavator 1970 O&K operational boom DSC 9052
K-2 Car Recovery Vehicle 1977 Generic removable dune buggy Car Recovery Vehicle (1977 K-2)
K-3 Mod Tractor and Trailer 1974 Generic removable trailer with dumping bed Mod Tractor and Trailer (K-3)
K-4 Big Tipper 1974 Generic dumping bed Big Tipper (Red)
K-5 Muir-Hill Tractor and Trailer 1972 Muir-Hill removable trailer with dumping bed Yellow
K-6 Motor Cycle Transporter 1976 Generic removable Hondarora 7606 Motorcycle Transporter EngL
K-7 Racing Car Transporter 1973 Generic opening doors and ramp removable race car Racing Car Transporter (Yellow)
K-8 Caterpillar Traxcavator 1970 Caterpillar shovel deck raises & lowers Yellow
K-9 Fire Tender 1973 Generic rotating ladder Fire Tender (K-9 DENVER)
K-10 Car Transporter (K-10) 1976 Generic removable trailer with operating ramp Car Transporter (1976-81 2)
K-11 Pickup Truck 1976 Generic pivoting booms and hooks Pick-Up Truck (1976-78)
K-12 Herkules Mobile Crane 1975 Generic operational boom Herkules Mobile Crane (1975-80)
K-13 Aircraft Transporter 1976 Generic removable unassembled Jet Aircraft Transporter (1976-81 K-13)
K-14 Heavy Breakdown Truck 1977 Generic operating boom and hook Heavy Breakdown Truck (1977)
K-15 The Londoner 1973 Daimler The Londoner (1973 1976)
K-16 Petrol Tanker 1974 Ford removable trailer Articulated Petrol Tanker (1974 TEXACO)
K-17 Articulated Container Truck 1974 Scammell removable trailer & containers Articulated Container Truck (K-17 GENTRANSCO)
K-18 Articulated Tipper Truck 1974 Ford opening ramps with four removable white horses Red truck with Yellow trailer
K-19 Scammell Tipper Truck 1967 Scammell dumping bed Scammell Tipper Truck (1973-78)
K-20 Cargo Hauler 1973 DAF removable pallets with lift truck and ramp 7320 Cargo Hauler L
K-21 Tractor Transporter 1974 Generic two removable Mod Tractors Tractor Transporter (1974-1978)
K-22 Hovercraft 1974 Saunders-Roe SRN6 Hovercraft (1975-1978)
K-23 Lowrider and Bulldozer 1974 Scammell removable trailer and dozer Metallic Blue truck with Gold trailer and Red Bulldozer
K-24 Container Truck 1976 Scammell removable container with opening doors Scammell Container Truck (1979 Michelin)
K-25 Digger and Plough 1977 Muir-Hill operational digger Orange

Speed KingsEdit

To allow the Super Kings series to expand past twenty models, the Speed Kings were renumbered for 1977, with model numbers now starting at K-30. Some, but not all models received new numbers, and the Mercedes Benz Ambulance received its third model number (K-63, previously K-26, originally K-6).

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo / Color
K-30 Mercedes C111 1972 Mercedes opening rear hatch Metallic Blue
K-31 Bertone Runabout 1972 Bertone Orange
K-32 Shovel Nose 1972 Generic opening hatch Yellow
K-33 Citroen S.M. 1972 Citroen opening doors Citroen S.M. (1972-76)
K-34 Thunderclap 1972 Generic Black
K-35 Lightning 1972 Generic White
K-36 Bandolero 1972 Generic Metallic Blue
K-37 Sandcat 1973 Generic Orange
K-38 Gus's Gulper 1973 Ford body lifts up Pink
K-40 Blaze Trailer 1973 Generic hatch lifts up Shovel Nose closed 20131124 JSCC
K-41 Brabham F1 1976 Red
K-42 Nissan 270X 1973 Nissan hatch lifts up Nissan 270 X (1974-77)
K-43 Cambuster 1973 Generic CAMBUSTER (1973-1979 Yellow)
K-44 Surtees F.1 1977 Generic Surtees F.1 (K-44 77-78)
K-45 Maurauder 1973 Generic Metallic Pink
K-46 Racing Car Pack 1973 Mercury Mercury Commuter with Lightning on Trailer Yellow Mercury Commuter / Black Lightning / Blue & Yellow Trailer
K-47 Easy Rider 1973 Generic Blue and Red trike with yellow rider
K-48 Mercedes 350 SLC 1973 Mercedes Mercedes 350 SLC (K-48)
K-49 Ambulance 1973 Generic White
K-50 Street Rod 1973 Generic Green
K-51 Barracuda 1973 Generic Metallic Blue
K-52 Datsun 240 Z Rally Car 1974 Datsun opening hood Grey with black hood
K-53 Hot Rod Fire Engine 1976 Generic removable ladder Red
K-54 A.M.X. Javelin 1976 AMC opening doors Red
K-55 Corvette Caper Cart 1976 Chevrolet opening doors Metallic Blue
K-56 Maserati Bora 1976 Maserati opening hood 7656 Maserati Bora R
K-57 Javelin Drag Racing Set 1976 AMC & Ford A.M.X. Javelin plus Milligan's Mill on yellow trailer
K-58 Corvette Power Boat Set 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Caper Cart plus Sea Burst Power Boat and Trailer
K-59 Ford Capri II 1977 Ford Opening rear hatch Ford Capri II (Speed King)
K-60 Mustang 1977 Ford Ford Mustang (K-60 Blue).
K-61 Mercedes Police Car 1977 Mercedes-Benz opening hood and doors Mercedes 350 SLC (K61 Police)
K-62 Doctor's Emergency Car 1977 Citroen opening doors Doctor's Emergency Car Citroen S.M
K-63 Mercedes Benz "Binz" Ambulance 1967 Mercedes-Benz opening doors Mercedes Benz Ambulance (K-26)

Battle KingsEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo
K-101 Sherman Tank 1974 Sherman Tan
K-102 A2 Tank 1974 A2 M48-A2 (1974-77)
K-103 Chieftan Tank 1974 Chieftain Olive Green
K-104 King Tiger Tank 1974 King Tiger Grey
K-105 Hover-Raider 1974 Saunders-Roe Hover Raider (1979-80 Olive Green)
K-106 Tank Transporter 1974 Generic Tank Transporter (1974-77)
K-107 155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer 1974 Generic Green
K-108 M3A1 Half Track A.P.C. 1974 M3A Olive Green
K-109 Sheridan Tank 1976 Sheridan Olive Green
K-110 Recovery Vehicle 1976 Generic Recovery Vehicle (1976-78)
K-111 Missile Launcher (K-111) 1976 Generic Missile Launcher (1979 K-111)
K-112 DAF Ambulance 1977 DAF Light Green
K-113 Military Crane Truck 1975 Generic Herkules Mobile Crane (Military Crane)
K-114 Army Aircraft Transporter 1976 Generic removable unassembled Jet Army Aircraft Transporter (K-114)
K-115 ArmyPetrol Tanker 1974 Ford removable trailer Articulated Army Petrol Tanker (1975)
K-116 Artillery_Truck and Field Gun 1977 Generic Removable howitzer Olive Green
K-117 Rocket Launcher 1977 Generic removable red rockets Olive Green and Tan

Adventure 2000Edit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo
K-2001 Raider Command 1977 Generic 2 piece scout truck Raider Command (1977-79 Adventure 2000)
K-2002 Flight Hunter 1977 Generic retractable wings and opening doors K-2002 Flight Hunter
K-2003 Crusader 1977 Generic pivoting gun turret Crusader (1977-79)

Sea KingsEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo
K-301 Frigate 1976 Generic Red and Grey
K-302 Corvette 1976 Generic Corvette (Sea Kings-302)
K-303 Battleship 1976 Generic K-303 BATTLE SHIP
K-304 Aircraft Carrier 1976 Generic Blue and Grey
K-305 Submarine Chaser 1976 Generic Red and Grey
K-306 Convoy Escort 1976 Generic Convoy Escort (1976-80-K-306)
K-307 Helicopter Carrier 1976 Generic Blue and Brown
K-308 Guided Missile Destroyer 1976 Generic Blue and Grey

Models of YesteryearEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Photo
Y-1 1911 Model T Ford 1966 Ford Red and White
Y-2 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhaul 1971 Vauxhall Metallic Blue
Y-3 1934 Riley MPH 1973 Riley Red
Y-4 1909 Opel Coupe 1967 Opel White
Y-5 1907 Peugeot 1969 Peugeot Metallic Orange
Y-6 1913 Cadillac 1967 Cadillac Metallic Green
Y-7 1912 Rolls-Royce 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver
Y-8 1914 Stutz 1969 Stutz Metallic Blue
Y-9 1912 Simplex 1968 Simplex Red
Y-10 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1969 Rolls-Royce White
Y-11 1938 Lagonda Drophead 1973 Lagonda Red & Gold
Y-12 1909 Thomas Flyabout 1967 Thomas Red
Y-13 1918 Crossley RAF Tender 1973 Crossley Blue with Tan top
Y-14 1931 Stutz Bearcat 1973 Stutz Light & Dark Green
Y-15 1930 Packard Victoria 1969 Packard Gold
Y-16 1928 Mercedes SS 1972 Mercedes Metallic Green
Y-17 1938 Hispano Suiza 1973 Hispano Suiza Red and Black

Sky BustersEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
SB-1 Lear Jet 1973 Lear Yellow and White
SB-2 Corsair A7D 1973 Ling-Temco-Vought Green and White
SB-3 A 300B 1973 Airbus Silver and White
SB-4 Mirage F1 1973 Dassault Aviation Tan
SB-5 Starfighter F104 1973 Lockheed Silver
SB-6 MIG 21 1973 Mikoyan Silver
SB-7 Junkers 87B 1973 Junkers Green
SB-8 Spitfire 1973 Supermarine Green
SB-9 Cessna 402 1973 Cessna Gold and White
SB-10 Boeing 747 1973 Boeing Silver and White
SB-11 Alpha Jet 1973 Dornier and Dassault-Breguet (joint) White
SB-12 Skyhawk A4F 1973 Douglas, later McDonnell-Douglas White and Blue
SB-13 DC10 1973 McDonnell-Douglas White and Silver
SB-14 Cessna 210 1973 Cessna White and Red
SB-15 Phantom F4E 1973 McDonnell, later McDonnell-Douglas White
SB-16 Corsair F4U-4 1973 Vought Blue
SB-17 Ram Rod 1976 Generic White and Red
SB-18 Wild Wind 1976 Generic Light Green and White
SB-19 Piper Commanche 1977 Piper Yellow and Red
SB-20 Army Police Helicopter 1977 Generic Olive Green
SB-21 Lightning 1977 English-Electric Gold
SB-22 M.R.C.A. 1977 Panavia White

Twin PacksEdit

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