Series 1-75Edit

Series No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [1] Photo
1-E Mercedes Truck 1968 Mercedes-Benz Removable yellow canopy Metalflake gold 1a
2-D Mercedes Trailer 1968 Mercedes-Benz Removable yellow canopy Metalflake gold Mercedes Trailer (Gold)
3-C Mercedes Ambulance 1968 Mercedes-Benz Opening  rear hatch White 7103 Mercedes-Benz Binz Ambulance
4-D Stake Truck 1967 Dodge Yellow & green 4a
5-A Lotus Europa 1969 Lotus Opening doors Metalflake blue 6905 Lotus Europa Bl R
6-D Ford Pick-up 1968 Ford White plastic canopy Red 6a
7-C Ford Refuse Truck 1966 Ford Tipping dumper box Orange with gray dumper 7a
8-E Mustang Fastback 1966 Ford White
9-D Boat & Trailer 1966 Bertram Removable boat Blue & white boat with blue trailer Trailer
10-D Pipe Truck 1966 Leyland Six removable gray pipes Red
11-D Scaffold Truck 1969 Mercedes-Benz Removable yellow scaffolding Gray 7011 Scaffolding Truck
12-C Safari Land Rover 1965 Land Rover Brown luggage Gold 12a
13-D Dodge Wreck Truck 1965 Dodge BP decals Green and yellow Dodge Wreck Truck (SF)
14-D Iso Grifo 1968 Iso Opening doors Metalflake blue 7014 Iso Grifo
15-D Volkswagen 1500 Saloon Volkswagen 137 on doors Cream
16 Case Tractor 1969 Case Removable yellow roof Red & yellow Case Tractor (16-D)
17 Horse Box 1969 AEC Oening ramp with two removable white horses Red with green box 7017 Horse Box L
18 Field Car 1969 International Yellow 7018 Field Car L
19 Lotus Racing Car 1965 Lotus Metalflake purple 19a
20 Lamborghini Marzal 1969 Lamborghini Metalflake red 6920 Lamborghini Marzal R
21 Foden Concrete Truck (1968) 1968 Foden Yellow & red 7021 Foden Concrete Truck
22-C Pontiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe 1964 Pontiac Doors do not open Metalflake magenta 7022 Pomtiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe R
23-D Volkswagen Camper (1970) 1970 Volkswagen Light blue 23a4
24-C Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1967 Rolls-Royce Opening trunk Metalflake red 7024 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
25-D Ford Cortina 1968 Ford  Opening doors  Blue 25a
26-C G.M.C. Tipper Truck 1968 GMC Bed dumps, tailgate pivots, cab pivots forward Red with grey dumper 26a
27 Mercedes 230 SL 1966 Mercedes-Benz Opening doors  White 7027 Mercedes-Benz 230
28 Mack Dump Truck 1968 Mack Tipping dump tray Lime green 7028 Mack Dump Truck
29 Fire Pumper Truck 1966 American LaFrance Red Image Not Available
30-C 8 Wheel Crane 1965 Faun Boom rotates Red & gold 30a
31-C Lincoln Continental 1964 Lincoln Opening trunk Metalflake gold-green 31a
32-C Leyland Petrol Tanker 1968 Leyland Green with white tank "BP" 32a
32-C Leyland Petrol Tanker 1968 Leyland Germany only Blue & white "ARAL"
33-C Lamborghini Miura 1969 Lamborghini Opening doors  Yellow Lamborghini
34-D Volkswagen Camper 1968 Volkswagen Top down Grey 6834Volkswagen Camper
35 Merryweather Fire Engine 1970 Merryweather Metalflake red 7035 Merryweather Fire Engine
36-C Opel Diplomat 1966 Opel Opening hood Gold
37-C Cattle Truck 1966 Dodge Two white removable cattle Yellow with gray bed 37a
38-C Honda Motorcycle & Trailer 1967 Honda Removable motorcycle Turquoise Honda on yellow trailer LS38a-01bxG
39-C Ford Tractor 1967 Ford Blue & yellow 6739 Ford Tractor
40-C Hay Trailer 1967 Generic Blue Hay Trailer 1967
41-C Ford GT 1965 Ford White 7041 Ford GT R
42 Iron Fairy Crane 1969 Iron Fairy Pivoting boom Red & green 42a
43-C Pony Trailer 1968 Genric Two removable white plastic horses Yellow 43a
44-C Refrigerator Truck 1967 GMC Opening rear door Red with turquoise box
45 Ford Group 6 1969 Ford Metalflake green
46-C Mercedes 300SE 1968 Mercedes-Benz Doors may be openable or fixed Gold Mercedes1
47-C DAF Tipper Container Truck 1968 DAF Tipping container Grey & yellow 47a
48-C Dodge Dumper Truck 1966 Dodge Tipping dump bed Blue & yellow Dodge Dumper Truck (1970)
49-C Unimog 1967 Mercedes-Benz Turquoise with red Chassis 7049 Unimog R
50-C Kennel Truck 1969 Ford Clear canopy with 4 white plastic dogs Metalflake green Kennel Truck (1970-71)
51 8-Wheel Tipper 1969 Leyland Bed dumps and tailgate pivots Yellow with gray dump bed 51a
52 Dodge Charger MkIII 1970 Dodge Opening canopy Pinkish-red Dodge Charger MkIII First Edition
53-C Ford Zodiac Mk. IV 1968 Ford Opening hood Green 7053 Ford Zodiac MK IV R
54-B S & S Cadillac Ambulance 1965 Cadillac White 54a
55 Mercury Park Lane Police Car 1968 Mercury POLICE & shield logos White Mercury Park Lane Police Car
56 BMC 1800 Pininfarina 1969 BMC Opening doors Metalflake gold 7056 BMC 1800 Pininfarina
57-C Land Rover Fire Truck 1966 Land Rover Red 57a
58-C DAF Girder Truck 1968 DAF Removable red girders White DAF Girder Truck (1970-71 SF)
59-C Ford Galaxie 1966 Ford Red 7059 Ford Galaxie Fire Chief
60-B Site Hut Truck 1966 Leyland Removable green and yellow site hut Blue 60a
61-B Alvis Stalwart 1966 Alvis Yellow plastic top White Alvis Stalwart No 61
62-C Mercury Cougar 1968 Mercury Opening doors Metalflake light green 7062 Mercury Cougar
63-C Dodge Crane Truck 1968 Dodge Pivoting crane boom Yellow Dodge Crane Truck (SF 1970-72)
64-B MG 1100 1966 MG Metalflake blue 64a
65-C Claas Combine Harvester 1967 Claas Rotating blades Red with yellow blades Claas Combine Harvester (No 65)
66-C Greyhound Coach 1967 GMC Grey Greyhound Coach
67-B Volkswagen 1600 TL 1967 Volkswagen Opening doors  Purple Volkswagen 1600 TL (No 67, Superfast)
68 Porsche 910 1970 Porsche Metalflake dark red 7068 Porsche 910 R2
69 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Coupe 1969 Rolls-Royce Opening trunk Metalflake light blue Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Coupe (Blue)
70-B Grit-Spreading Truck 1966 Dodge Red & yellow 70a
71-C Ford Heavy Wreck Truck 1968 Ford Pivoting hook Red & white Ford Wreck Truck-červenobílý
72-B Jeep 1966 Jeep Yellow 72a1
73-C Mercury Commuter 1968 Mercury Metalflake light green 73a1
74-B Daimler Bus 1966 Daimler Red 74a
75-B Ferrari Berlinetta 1965 Ferrari Red

King SizeEdit

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [2] Photo
K-1 Hydraulic Excavator 1970 O&K Red & grey Hydraulic Excavator (1970 RW)
K-2 Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck 1969 Scammel Operational boom and hooks White, w/Red boom Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck (King Size)
K-3 Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer 1970 Massey Ferguson Red
K-4 Leyland Tipper 1969 Leyland Operational bed and tailgate Red, w/Silver dump bed Leyland Tipper (1969)
K-5 Racing Car Transporter 1967 Opening door and rising car ramp Green Racing Car Transporter (1967)
K-6 Mercedes Benz Ambulance 1967 Mercedes Benz Opening doors and tailgate, w/removable stretcher White Mercedes Benz Ambulance (1967 K-6)
K-7 Refuse Truck 1967 SD Operational dump box Red w/Gray dump box
K-8 Caterpillar Traxcavator 1970 Caterpillar Yellow Caterpillar Traxcavator (1970 King Size)
K-9 Claas Combine Harvester 1967 Claas Rotating blades and movable chute Red Claas Combine Harvester (K-9)
K-10 Pipe Truck 1967 Dodge Removable trailer, w/six interlocking pipes Yellow Pipe Truck (1967-70 King Size)
K-11 DAF Car Transporter 1969 DAF Blue & yellow Daf Car Transporter (King Size)
K-12 Scammell Crane Truck 1969 Scammell Operational boom Yellow Scammell Mobile Crane (1969-70)
K-13 ReadyMix Concrete Truck 1963 ERF Mixing drum spins with wheels Orange Ready-mix Concrete Truck (1967-70)
K-14 Taylor Jumbo Crane 1964 Operational boom Yellow & red Taylor Jumbo Crane (1967-70)
K-15 Merryweather Fire Engine 1964 Merryweather Operational ladder Red Merryweather Fire Engine (1964-70 K-15)
K-16 Dodge Tractor with Twin Tippers 1966 Dodge Dumping beds, w/removable trailer Green with Yellow dump beds Dodge Tractor with Twin Tippers (K16)
K-17 Lowloader with Bulldozer 1967 Ford Removable trailer and bulldozer Green truck and trailer, w/Yellow and Red bulldozer Low Loader with Bulldozer (1967-70 K-17)
K-18 Articulated Horse Box 1967 Dodge opening ramps with four removable white horses Red truck with Tan trailer Articulated Horse Van (1967-69)
K-19 Scammell Tipper Truck 1967 Scammel Dumping bed Red truck with Yellow dump bed Scammell Tipper Truck (1967-70)
K-20 Tractor Transporter 1968 Removable trailer and tractors Red truck and trailer, w/two Blue tractors
K-21 Mercury Cougar 1969 Mercury Opening doors Metalflake Gold Mercury Cougar (K-21)
K-22 Dodge Charger 1969 Dodge Opening doors Metalflake Blue
K-23 Mercury Police Car 1969 Mercury Opening doors White Mercury Police Car (K-23)
K-24 Lamborghini Miura 1969 Lamborghini Opening rear hatch Red Lamborghini Miura (1969-70 K-24)

Models of YesteryearEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
Y-1 1911 Model T Ford 1966 Ford Red
Y-2 1911 Renault 2-Seater 1963 Renault Green
Y-3 1910 Benz Limousine 1966 Opel Light Green
Y-4 1909 Opel Coupe 1967 Opel White
Y-5 1907 Peugeot 1969 Peugeot Yellow
Y-6 1913 Cadillac 1967 Cadillac Yellow-Gold
Y-7 1912 Rolls-Royce 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver
Y-8 1914 Stutz 1969 Stutz Metalflake Red
Y-9 1912 Simplex 1968 Simplex Dark Green
Y-10 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1969 Rolls-Royce Light Green 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (Y-6)
Y-11 1912 Packard Landaulet 1964 Packard Red
Y-12 1909 Thomas Flyabout 1967 Thomas Blue
Y-13 1911 Daimler 1966 Daimler Yellow
Y-14 1911 Maxwell Roadster 1965 Maxwell Turquoise
Y-15 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1960 Rolls-Royce Silver-Green
Y-16 1904 Spyker 1961 Rolls-Royce Light-Yellow


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