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Series 1-75Edit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-D Aveling Barford Road Roller 1962


Green with red rollers 1962 1d ROAD ROLLER
2-C Muir Hill Dumper 1961 Muir-Hill tipping dump bed Red with green dumper 6102 Muir Hill Dumper R
3-B Bedford Tipper 1961 Bedford tipping dump bed Grey with red dumper MB -03b Bedford Tipper Truck
4-C Triumph Motorcycle & Sidecar 1960 Triumph Metallic turquoise DSC 3298
5-D Routemaster Bus 1965 AEC Red 6505 Routemaster Bus
6-C Euclid Quarry Truck 1964 Euclid Yellow 6C
7-C Refuse Truck 1966 Ford Orange with gray dumper 6607 Refuse Truck
8-E Mustang Fastback 1966 Ford White DSC 3306
9-D Boat and Trailer 1966 Bertram Blue and white boat with blue trailer Boat and Trailer (9B)
10-D Pipe Truck 1966 Leyland Red 6610 Pipe Truck
11-C Jumbo Crane 1965 Taylor Yellow 6511 Taylor Jumbo Crane2
12-C Safari Land Rover 1965 Land Rover Green 6512 Land Rover Safari
13-D Dodge Wreck Truck 1965 Dodge Green and yellow 6513 Dodge Wreck Truck
14-C Bedford Ambulance 1962 Bedford White 6214 Bedford Ambulance
15-C Refuse Truck 1963 Dennis dump box tips and rear opens Blue with grey dumper 6315 Tippax Refuse Collector
16-C Scammell Snow Plough 1964 Scammell dumping bed, pivoting plow blade Grey with orange bed 6416 Scammell Snow Plough
17-D Hoveringham Tipper 1963 Foden dump bed tips and tail gate pivots Red with orange dump bed 6317 Hoveringham Tipper
18-D Caterpillar Bulldozer 1964 Caterpillar Yellow Caterpillar Bulldozer (18-D)
19-D Lotus Racing Car 1966 Lotus Green 6619 Lotus
20-C Chevrolet Impala Taxi 1965 Chevrolet Yellow 6520 Chevrolet Impala Taxi
21-C Commer Milk Truck 1961 Commer Light green DSC 3324
22-C Pontiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe 1964 Pontiac Red 22c pontiac grand prix sports coupe
23-D Trailer Caravan 1965 Bluebird Pink & white 6523 Trailer Caravan
24-B Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator 1959 Weatherill Yellow 24B WEATHERHILL EXCAVATOR
25-B Volkswagen 1200 Sedan 1960 Volkswagen Metallic light blue DSC 3332
26-B Foden Concrete Truck 1961 Foden mixing drum spins Orange 6226 Foden Cement Mixer 2nd
27-D Mercedes-Benz 230 SL 1966 Mercedes-Benz White 6627 Mercedes-Benz 230
28-C Mark 10 Jaguar 1964 Jaguar Opening bonnet Brown 28c mark 10 jaguar
29-C Fire Pumper Truck 1966 American LaFrance Red 6629 Fire Pumper Truck
30-C 8 Wheel Crane 1965 Faun Boom rotates Green with orange boom Image Not Available
31-C Lincoln Continental 1964 Lincoln opening trunk Metallic blue 6631 Lincoln Continental
32-B E Type Jaguar 1962 Jaguar Red 32b jaguar xke
33-B Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII 1963 Ford Blue 33b ford zephyr 6 mkiii
34-B Volkswagen Camper 1962 Volkswagen Light green 34b volkswagen camper
35-B Snow Trac Tractor 1964 Aktiv Fischer Red 6435 Snow Trac
36-C Opel Diplomat 1966 Opel Gold 6636 Opel Diplomat
37-C Cattle Truck 1966 Dodge Yellow with gray bed and two white removable cattle 6637 Cattle Truck
38-B Vauxhall Victor Estate Car 1963 Vauxhall opening rear hatch Yellow 6338 Vauxhall Victor Estate Car
39-B Pontiac Convertible 1962 Pontiac Yellow 39b pontiac convertible
40-B Leyland Royal Tiger Coach 1961 Leyland Grey DSC 3366
41-C Ford GT 1965 Ford White Ford GT - 5506ff
42-B Studebaker Lark Wagonaire 1965 Studebaker Turquoise 6442 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire
43-B Aveling Barford Shovel 1962 Aveling Barford Yellow Averling-Barford Tractor Shovel (43-B)
44-B Rolls Royce Phantom V 1964 Rolls Royce opening trunk Metallic tan 6444 Rolls Royce Phantom
45-B Ford Corsair with Boat 1965 Ford Removable boat and roof rack Yellow with green boat Ford Corsair with Boat
46-B Pickfords Removal Van 1960 Guy Green DSC 3381
47-A 1 Ton Trojan Van 1958 Trojan Red DSC 3383
48-C Dodge Dumper Truck 1966 Dodge Red 6648 Dodge Dumper Truck
49-A M3 Personnal Carrier 1958 Olive green
50-B John Deere Tractor 1964 John Deere Green 50b john deere tractor
51-B John Deere Trailer 1964 John Deere Green 51b john deere trailer
52-B BRM Racing Car 1965 BRM Blue 6552BRM
53-B Mercedes-Benz 220S 1963 Mercedes-Benz Red
54-B S & S Cadillac Ambulance 1965 Cadillac White 6554 S&S Cadillac Ambulance
55-C Ford Galaxie Police 1966 Ford White 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 - 8479ef
56-B Fiat 1500 1965 Fiat Turquoise 6556 Fiat 1500
57-C Land Rover Fire Truck 1966 Land Rover Red 6657 Land Rover Fire Truck
58-B Drott Excavator 1962 Drott Red-orange Matchbox Drott Excavator Nº 58
59-C Ford Galaxie Fire Chief 1966 Ford Red 6659 Ford Galaxie Fire Chief
60-B Site Hut Truck 1966 Leyland Removable green and yellow site hut Blue 6660 Site Hut Truck
61-B Alvis Stalwart 1966 Alvis White & yellow 6661 Alvis Stalwart
62-B TV Service Van 1963 Commer Cream 62b tv service van
63-B Foamite Crash Tender 1964 Alvis Red 6463 Foamite Crash Tender
64-B MG 1100 1966 MG Green 6664 MG 1100
65-B Jaguar 3.4 Litre 1962 Jaguar opening hood Dark red 6265 Jaguar 3.4 litre
66-B Harley Davidson with Sidecar 1962 Harley Davidson Bronze 66B HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE
67-A Saladin Armoured Car 1959 Alvis Olive green
68-B Mercedes Coach 1965 Mercedes-Benz Orange and White 6568 Mercedes Coach
69-B Hatra Tractor Shovel 1965 Hatra Orange
70-B Grit Spreading Truck 1966 Ford Red with yellow bed 6670 Grit Spreading Truck
71-B Jeep Gladiator 1964 Jeep opening doors Red 6471 Jeep Gladiator
72-B Standard Jeep 1966 Jeep Yellow 6672 Standard Jeep 2
73-B Ferrari F1 Racing Car 1962 Ferrari Red 73b ferrari f1 racing car
74-B Daimler Bus 1966 Daimler Cream
75-B Ferrari Berlinetta 1965 Ferrari Green 6575 Ferrari Berlinetta
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