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Series 1-75Edit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-D Aveling Barford Road Roller 1962 Aveling-Barford Pivoting front roller Green with red rollers
2-C Muir Hill Dumper 1961 Muir-Hill tipping dump bed Red with green dumper
DSC 3295
3-B Bedford Tipper 1961 Bedford pivoting bed Grey with red dumper
4-C Triumph Motorcycle & Sidecar 1960 Triumph Metallic blue
DSC 3298
5-C London Bus 1961 AEC "BP visco-static" labels Red
6-C Quarry Truck 1963 Euclid Tipping dump tray Yellow 6C
7-B Ford Anglia 1961 Ford Light blue
DSC 3304
8-C Caterpillar Tractor 1961 Caterpillar Yellow CAT tractor 8c
9-C Merryweather Marquis Fire Engine 1959 Merryweather Red
DSC 3307
10-C Sugar Container Truck 1961 Foden Blue
DSC 3309
11-B Petrol Tanker 1958 ERF Red 11b 2
12-B Land Rover 1959 Land Rover Olive green
DSC 3312
13-C Thames Trader Wreck Truck 1961 Thames Red
Thames wrecker 13c
14-C Bedford Ambulance 1962 Bedford White 6214 Bedford Ambulance
15-C Refuse Truck 1963 Dennis Blue & grey
15c refuse truck
16-C Scammell Snow Plough 1963 Scammell Grey & orange 6416 Scammell Snow Plough
17-C Austin Metropolitan Taxi 1960 Austin Dark red
17c 1
18-C Caterpillar Bulldozer 1961 Caterpillar Yellow
19-C Aston Martin DBR 5 Racer 1962 Aston Martin Green
20-B ERF 68G Truck 1959 ERF "EVER READY for life" labels Blue
20b 1
21-C Commer Milk Truck 1961 Commer Light green
DSC 3324
22-B 1958 Vauxhall Cresta 1958 Vauxhall Grey & pink
23-C Bluebird Dauphine Trailer 1960 Bluebird Mauve
DSC 3328
24-B Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator 1959 Weatherill Yellow 24B WEATHERHILL EXCAVATOR
25-B Volkswagen 1200 Sedan 1960 Volkswagen Opening engine cover Metallic blue
DSC 3332
26-B Foden Concrete Truck 1961 Foden Mixing drum rotates Orange 6226 Foden Cement Mixer 2nd
27-C Cadillac Sixty Special 1960 Cadillac Metallic pink with white roof
DSC 3336
28-B Thames Compressor Truck 1959 Thames Yellow
28b thames compressor truck
29-B Austin A55 Cambridge Sedan 1961 Austin Light green & dark green
DSC 3341
30-B Magirus Deutz Crane Truck 1961 Magirus Deutz Grey with orange boom MB -30b Magirus Deutz Crane
31-B Ford Station Wagon 1960 Ford Metallic turquoise with cream roof Ford Station Wagon (1959)
32-B Jaguar XKE 1962 Jaguar Metallic red
32b jaguar xke
33-B Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII 1963 Ford Blue
33b ford zephyr 6 mkiii
34-B Volkswagen Camper 1962 Volkswagen Light green
34b volkswagen camper
35-A Marshall Horse Box 1957 ERF Opening side door Red and tan
DSC 3355
36-B Lambretta TV 176 1961 Lambretta with sidecar Green 36B LAMBRETTA SCOOTER
37-B Coca Cola Lorry 1960 Karrier Yellow
DSC 3359
38-B Vauxhall Victor Estate Car 1963 Vauxhall opening rear hatch Yellow
38b vauxhall victor estate car
39-B Pontiac Convertible 1962 Pontiac Yellow
39b pontiac convertible
40-B Leyland Royal Tiger Coach 1961 Leyland
DSC 3366
41-B D Type Jaguar 1960 Jaguar Dark green
DSC 3368
42-A Bedford Evening News Van 1957 Bedford Yellow
DSC 3370
43-B Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel 1962 Aveling-Barford Yellow Averling-Barford Tractor Shovel (43-B)
44-A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1958 Rolls Royce Light blue
DSC 3374
45-A Vauxhall Victor 1958 Vauxhall Yellow
DSC 3377
46-B Pickfords Removal Van 1960 Guy Green
DSC 3381
47-B Commer Ice Cream Canteen 1963 Commer Blue
47b commer ice cream canteen
48-B Sports Boat & Trailer 1961 Red & cream boat with blue trailer 48B Sports Boat
49-A M3 Personnal Carrier 1958 M3 Olive green 49a
50-A Commer Pick-Up Mk VIII 1958 Commer Red with white roof
51-A Albion Chieftain 1958 Albion Yellow 51
52-A Maserati 4CLT Racer 1958 Maserati Red
DSC 3391
53-B Mercedes-Benz 220 SE 1963 Mercedes-Benz Red
54-A Saracen Personnel Carrier 1958 Alvis Olive green 54
55-B Ford Fairlane Police Car 1963 Ford Metallic blue
55b ford fairlane police car
56-A London Trolleybus 1958 AEC Red 56a
57-B Chevrolet Impala 1961 Chevrolet Metallic blue
57b chevrolet impala
58-B Drott Excavator 1962 International Red Matchbox Drott Excavator Nº 58
59-B Ford Fairlane Fire Chief's Car 1963 Ford Red 59B FORD FAIRLANE FIRE CHIEF CAR
60-A Morris J2 Pickup 1958 Morris Blue
DSC 3405
61-A Ferret Scout Car 1959 Daimler Olive green 61a
62-B TV Service Van 1963 Commer Cream
62b tv service van
63-A Ford 3 Ton 4x4 Service Ambulance 1959 Ford Olive green 63a
64-A Scammell Breakdown Truck 1959 Scammell Olive green Break Down Truck 64a
65-B Jaguar 3.4 Litre 1962 Jaguar opening hood Dark red
65b jaguar 3-4 litre saloon
66-B Harley Davidson & Sidecar 1962 Harley Davidson Bronze 66B HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE
67-A Saladin Armoured Car 6x6 1959 Alvis Olive green 67a
68-A Austin Mk 2 Radio Truck 1959 Austin Dark green 68a
69-A Commer 30 CWT Van 1959 Commer Dark red
DSC 3424
70-A Ford Thames Estate Car 1959 Thames Turquoise & yellow
DSC 3425
71-A Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck 1959 Austin Olive green 71a
72-A Fordson Major Tractor 1959 Fordson Blue 72a
73-B Ferrari F1 Racing Car 1962 Ferrari Red
73b ferrari f1 racing car
74-A Mobile Refreshment Canteen 1959 Silver
DSC 3432
75-A Ford Thunderbird 1960 Ford White and pink
DSC 3434

King SizeEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
K-1 Weatherhill Hydraulic Shovel 1960 Weatherill Yellow K1 1960 WEATHERHILL SHOVEL
K-2 Muir-Hill Dumper 1960 Muir-Hill Red K2 1960 MUIR DUMPER
K-3 Caterpillar Bulldozer 1960 Caterpillar Yellow Caterpillar Bulldozer (K-3)
K-4 McCormick International Tractor 1960 McCormick International Red K4 1960 INTERNATIONAL TRACTOR
K-5 Foden Dumper Truck 1961 Foden Yellow K5 FODEN TIPPER
K-6 Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper 1961 Allis-Chalmers Orange Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper (K-6, silver wheels)
K-7 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper 1961 Curtiss-Wright Yellow K7 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper
K-8 Prime Mover & Caterpillar Tractor 1962 Scammell & Caterpillar Orange truck and trailer with yellow tractor SCAMMEL TRANSPORTER CATERPILLAR (K-8)
K-9 Aveling Barford Road Roller 1962 Aveling-Barford Green 1962 K-9A ROAD ROLLER
K-10 Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel 1963 Aveling-Barford Turquoise
K-11 Fordson Tractor & Whitlock Trailer 1963 Fordson & Whitlock Blue & grey
K-12 Foden Breakdown Tractor 1963 Foden Green Foden Breakdown Tractor (K-12)
K-13 Ready-mix Concrete Truck 1963 ERF Orange
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