Matchbox Series Nos 1 to 29Edit

Series No. [1] Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-B Road Roller 1956 Aveling-Barford Pivoting front roller Green with red rollers Matchbox -1B Road Roller 1955 England
2-A Dumper 1953 Muir-Hill Tipping tray Green with red dumper tray 1953 2A DUMPER
3-A Cement Mixer 1953 Rotating & pivoting drum Light Blue with red wheels Matchbox -3A Cement Mixer 1953 England
4-A Massey Harris Tractor 1954 Massey-Harris Red Matchbox -4A Massey Harris tractor 1954 England
5-B [2] London Bus 1956 AEC Red 1957 5B
6-A Euclid Dump Truck 1954 Euclid Tipping tray Orange with gray dumper tray 6 QUARRY TRUCK
7-A Horse Drawn Milk Float 1954 Orange DSC 3303
8-A Caterpillar Tractor 1955 Caterpillar Orange
9-A Dennis Fire Engine 1955


10-A Scammell Scarab Mechanical Horse and Trailer 1955 Scammell Detachable trailer Red with gray trailer 1955 10A MECHANICAL HORSE
11-A ERF Petrol Tanker 1955 ERF Yellow
12-A Land Rover 1955 Land Rover Green 1955 12A LAND ROVER
13-A Wreck Truck 1955 Bedford Pivoting hook Tan 13a
14-A Daimler Ambulance 1955 Daimler Cream 1956 14A .
15-A Diamond T Prime Mover 1955 Diamond T Orange 1956 15A .
16-A Transporter Trailer 1955 Moveable ramp Tan 16a..
17-A Bedford Removals Van 1955 Bedford Red 1956 17A .
18-A Caterpillar Bulldozer 1955 Caterpillar Yellow and red 18a...
19-A MG Sports Car 1956 MG Cream DSC 3320
20-A Heavy Lorry 1956 ERF Red 20a..
21-A Bedford Duple Luxury Coach 1956 Bedford Green 1956 21A .
22-A Vauxhall Cresta 1956 Vauxhall Red with white roof DSC 3326
23-A Berkeley Cavalier Caravan 1956 Berkeley Light blue 23a
24-A Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator 1956 Weatherill Moveable bucket Orange 24a
25-A Dunlop Van 1956 Bedford Blue DSC 3331
26-A Concrete Truck 1956 ERF Orange DSC 3334
27-A Bedford Low Loader 1956 Bedford Detachable trailer Blue 1956 27A
28-A Bedford Compressor Truck 1956 Bedford Yellow 28a..
29-A Bedford Milk Delivery Van 1956 Bedford Tan DSC 3340

Accesory PacksEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
A-1 Esso Petrol Pumps 1956 Includes Esso sign Red & white Esso Petrol Pumps (A-1)


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  2. Kevin McGimpsey & Stewart Orr, Collecting Matchbox Diecast Toys - The First Forty Years, First Edition, 1989
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