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Lexus GS430 (2006)
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2007-2010
Number MB714
Scale 1:64


THAT'S A WRAP! It's been a long day on set directing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The smooth and solid power of your Lexus GS 430 with its 4.3-liter, 290-HP engine helps you unwind in a luxurious ride up Sunset Boulevard before tomorrow's early call time.


The Lexus GS430 (2006) has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB23 2007 MBX Metal Light Gold Detailed headlights, trim and taillights Black / Plastic Smoked tint Tan M002f K7489 Thailand Lexus gs430 tan
MB23 2007 MBX Metal Emerald Green Detailed headlights, trim and taillights. 55Th Anniversary on roof Black / Plastic Smoked tint Black M002f M3861 Thailand Seen in the Emerald Green Trio Plinth. MBX Metal Lexus GS430
2007 10-Pack Metalflake Silver Detailed headlights, trim and taillights. Black / Plastic Smoke Gray M002f Thailand LexusGS4302006silver
MB37 2008 VIP Luxury 4/12 Red Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray M002f M5300 Thailand 0837LexusGS430
SF17 2008 Superfast M002f Thailand
N/A 2008 VIP 5-Pack Dark Blue Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Clear Black M002f Thailand LexusGS4305packdarkblue
MB37 2009 VIP Rides 4/7 Metalflake Dark Blue Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Tan M002f P2933 Thailand Official Lexus color is black sapphire pearl 0937-LexusGS430
2009 VIP 5-Pack Iridescent White Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Brown M002f N9636 Thailand 09VIP5LexusGS430
MB34 2010 VIP 4/6 Pearl Metalflake Orange Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Black M002f R4972 Thailand "Lexus GS 430" on card. 1034Lexus
2010 Showroom Models 10-Pack Metalflake Pale Blue Detailed Trim Black / Plastic Smoke Tan M002f R0619 Thailand Base Code(s)C02,C03 LexusGS4302006paleblue

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