Jungle Explorers is a sub-series of the 1-100 series in 2010-2011. The cars are '68 Toyota Land Cruiser , Jeep Willys , Jungle Crawler , Volkswagen Type 181 , MBX 4x4 , and Land Rover Defender 110.


The appearances were the same in both 2010 and 2011. 6 models appeared, as listed above, with different tampos.


Here is a list of the vehicles and its color. x2 stands for a recolor.

Model Color 2010 Color 2011 Photo
'68 Toyota Land Cruiser Matte Black w/ Olive Roof

Royal Blue w/ White Roof

Jeep Willys Army Green / Tan (x2) Flat Light Olive Green
Jungle Crawler Gray / Black (x2) Tan
Volkswagen Type 181 Flat Tan (Green or Light Green Stripes, Gray or Tan Hubs Variations) Flat White
MBX 4x4 Flat Brick Red Green
Land Rover Defender 110 Orange / Flat Mint Green (x2) Flat Tan / White (x2)

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