International Pumper
Produced 1999 to 2015
Number MB379 MB877
Scale 1:100


The International Pumper has come out in the following 1/100 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB66 1999 1-100 Red White stripes, No.7 MB, Outline of firefighter's axe, fire extinguisher and smoke mask Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 37290 (INT) China INTERNATIONAL PUMPER on base.
Fire Flooder on card
Fire Flooder
N/A 1999 Emergency Rescue 5-Pack White Lime green sections, Engine Co. 77, Fire Fighter tampos Silver / Plastic Blue Silver 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf China InternationalPumperEmergencyRescuewhite
MB30 2000 Fire Fighters 5/5 Metalflake Gold Black details, MB Fire Dept. No. 7 Chrome/ Plastic Red Black 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 96343 China Fire Fighters International Fire Pumper
MB53 2001 (INT) Deep Red Striped silver line Chrome / Plastic Yellow Black 7SpokeSawblade 93927 China International Fire Pumper
MB15 (INT) 2002 Rescue (INT) 3/4 White Orange accents, Feuerwehr Chrome / Plastic Clear Red 7SpokeSawblade 95817 (INT) China International on card 50th International
N/A 2002 Heroes Series Red White sections, USA, FD, American flag Gray / Plastic Yellow White 7SpokeSawblade 91375 China Heroes International Pumper
MB27 2002 Red Hot Heroes 3/4 Metallic Red Fire Hunter, AMR997, Black and Yellow sections Silver / Plastic Smoke Black 7SpokeSawblade 95223 China International Fire Truck on card 50th International Fire Truck
MB58 2005 Buried Treasure White 99, Pumper, fire truck tampos, red, black and gold stripes on side of cab Red / Plastic Yellow Gray 7SpokeSawblade H1872 China Buried Treasure International Pumper
MB59 2009 Emergency Response 5/8 White Black and Neon Yellow "Fire Rescue" on sides Grey / Plastic M007 - 6909bf P2952 0959-PumperWhite
MB59 2009 Emergency Response 5/8 Yellow Red and White "Fire Dept." on sides Black / Plastic M007 - 6909bf P6515 MBX International Pumper
N/A 2015 SUPREME HERO 2015 Yellow Blue and White stripes, BONE COUNTY, FIRE DISTRICT, 50 Grey/ Plastic Clear Grey Wheel (Gray 2016 Best of Matchbox) Thailand Base code(s): International Pumper (2015)