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International CXT
Debut Series MBX Metal 1-75
Produced 2006-2015-Modified
Number MB687/MB986
Scale 1:89


This giant of the Matchbox construction zone provied crew chiefs with tons of power, clearance and torque-on-demand. The International CXT gives you the ability to haul heavy steel across the most daunting and dangerous work sites.


The International CXT has come out in the following 1/89 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
SF73 2006 Superfast Red Orange side markers and reverse lights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M004f J6584 Thailand Superfast International CXT
MB29 2006

MBX Metal (USA)

MBX Metal (INT)

Yellow CXT on side, black trim details Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Crown

J2372 (USA)

J6321 (INT)

Thailand MB-29 International CXT
MB60 2007 MBX Metal Pearl Metallic Blue Red stripe, M338 construction in white stripe. Globally Building Cities in black stripe Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray Crown K9504 Thailand MB-60 International CXT
MB68 2008 Farm 5/6 White Black, Yellow and Red with "Grant's Organic Farms" on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray Crown M5341 Thailand 0868InternationalCXT
2008 Ocean Research


Red White, Black and Yellow with "Ocean Research" on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Crown Thailand MBX International CXT
MB65 2009 Construction 4/7 Metalflake Orange Black and Yellow stripes with Silver and Black "CXT" and Black "Construct U" on sides Tinted Chrome / Black Smoke Black Ringed Gear P2961 Thailand 0965InternationalCXT
2009 Handy Manny 5-Pack Blue Handy Manny graphics on rear Gray / Plastic Smoke Dark Gray Crown N9900 Thailand 09MannyCXT
MB47 2010 Construction 11/14



King Construction Services, Not For Hire, trim details Chrome / Plastic


Black Ringed Gear R4997 Thailand Construction International CXT
MB47 2011 Construction 10/11 Black Lyons Bros, yellow and voilet stripes Chrome / Plastic Yellow Yellow


Ringed Gear

T8957 Thailand Base Code(s): D27 Internationalcxt2011
2011 Farm


Metallic Silver Eco-Growers Black / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear Thailand Base Code(s): D05 InternationalCXTmetallicsilver
MB31 2012 Construction 1/10 Metalflake Emerald Green Algea Alt Fuel, Black and white "bubbles" Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray Ringed Gear W4845 Thailand Base Code(s): D38 ConstructionInternationalCXTgreen
MB17 2014 1-120 MBX Construction Blue INC KONSTRUCTION Gray/ Plastic Clear Yellow RingedGearPaleYellow BDV37 Thailand Base Code(s):  International CXT INC 2014
MB986 (Modified Model).
N/A 2015 5-Pack: Construction Zone Dark Red MBX Construction Gray/ Plastic Clear Black 65px-Ringed Gear CJK04 Thailand Base code(s): International CXT 2015 5-Pack


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